Mote Layers

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Development

Below is a summary of the Layers currently in use as part of the Tyndall Mote family of Mote Layers.

These have been predominantly developed for the National Access Program (NAP) and as such are in use throughout the country by researchers of various levels of expertise in the area of microcontroller use (ranging from expert Software programmers – typically in the computer science departments of research institutes to zero level expertise – say sensor researchers)

As such the programs/hardware/software are debugged prior to being released and should be considered as *mature* and tested on release.

Layer Name Short Description
Transceiver/Microcontroller Layers
Nordic Microcontroller / RF-layer The original 25mm micro controller transceiver layer, incorporating an Atmel ATmega128 microcontroller and Nordic VLSI nrf2401 2.4GHz transceiver incorporating Shock burst technology.
ZigBee transceiver /Microcontroller layer Designed to meet the needs of the standards based WSN community. Incorporates Chipcons' 802.14.51 transceiver cc2420 with an Atmel Atmega128 microcontroller.

Nordic 433/868/915 MHZ Microcontroller/ RF-layer

The next generation longer range transceiver system available for wearable/environmental monitoring applications.

nRF9E5 Multiband Transceiver/MCU/ADC

nRF9E5 is a true single chip system with fully integrated RF transceiver, 8051 compatible microcontroller and a 4 input 10bit 80ksps AD converter. 10mm SoC solution available for wearable/environmental monitoring applications.

Bluetooth Sensor Layer

25mm class 1V 2.0 + EDR Bluetooth module with gas & miscellaneous

Waterproof packaged Humidity 433MHz sensor layer

Nylon waterproofed package for humidity measurement. Custom 433MHz antenna & humidity sensor solution.

Power Layers

25mm Li-Ion Battery Charge Layer

25mm Li-Ion Battery Layer with built in USB charger capability

Coin Cell Layer Coin Cell Power delivery (no conditioning)
IMU (+5V power layer) 25mm power supply board providing regulated voltage to the stackable system
Programming Interface

USB prog board

USB 1.1 & 2.0, virtual COM port, JTAG programmer
pins, sensors (embedded), 25mm connector footprint

Compact prog interface

The standard interface platform for the 25mm family, providing JTAG, programming and debug facility for FPGAs and micro controllers, serial communications for data upload to PC, access to I2C and various analog pins on the micro controller for simple sensor interfacing, power conditioning and LED's for program debug

10mm prog board & interface layer

USB prog/comms interface to the 10mm nRF9E5 board.

DSP layers
FPGA layer Incorporating the Xilinx Spartan2e FPGA and associated power management chips this platform provides flexible and fast route to ASIC via VHDL
High End FPGA Layer Incorporating the Xilinx Vertex4 FPGA and associated power management chips this platform provides flexible and fast route to ASIC via VHDL
Sensor Layers

Health body area network

ECG, finger pulse oximeter, temperature and accelerometer on separate boards.

Sensor Interface Layer (Generic)

8 Analog sensors (conditioned – via op amps and on chip ADC on 25mm transceiver layer), SPI, I2C, serial UART

Multi-Sensor Layer (25mm embedded)

25mm sensor layer. Sensors; thermistor, humidity / temperature (digital), light (LDR), sound, accelerometer (3-axis), relay o/p

10mm sensor  layesr

Plug in Sensor boards to the 10mm nRF9E5 board. Contains accelerometer, temperature, humidity and extra I/O

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) REV 1

“Orthogonal” IMU layer using dual axis accelerometers, magnetometers and gyroscopes providing motion data in 6 degrees of freedom

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) REV 2

Actually 2 separate planar layers, one an electronic compass, the other an  inertial measurement layer

IMU wearable interface board

Wearable implementation (low profile) of the interface system providing conditioned power regulation for the WIMU and stacking of the devices side by side as well as on top of each other

IMU wearable interface board with +/- 70g accelerometers

As above with addition of high g accelerometers

MMG Measurement  layer

Accelerometers on flex based technology for muscle
mass measurement and data transfer

Environmental Monitoring Layer

Airflow (air-conditioning convection flow levels measurable, CO2 level, humidity, temperature (dry bulb). Has connectors to attach the Multi-Sensor Layer

RFID Reader Layer

Low Frequency (125-134kHz) RFID Tag Reader

PSOC layer

A Programmable System On Chip based system enabling Plug and play sensor interfacing of analog and digital sensors

Thermistor Sensor Layer A low power consumption – timer driven interrupt mechanism which triggers on reaching a defined temperature
I2C Temperature Sensor An I2C based digital output temperature sensor

Microphone layer

Microphone (to FPGA or microcontroller) via SPI based ADC, for Audio processing applications

Health monitoring layer

(512k – 1Mbit) Serial EEPROM, real time clock, accelerometers for analysis of the health of the node in deployment

Power monitoring layer 1

For power measurements within systems

Battery monitoring layer rev2

Battery Gauge IC for battery monitoring, charge voltage temperature , estimated life of battery, current sense amplifier for current measurement, short circuit protection, Charge pump for 3.3 volts from battery

Parking Sensor Layer  Sensor Layer for vehicle detection containing either IR or Ultrasonic Sensors. Also, USB prog, battery monitoring
PH Sensor Layer An ISFET based PH sensor giving high resolution and low drift

APD sensor interface layer

Proprietary ASIC (not generally available) developed for photon detection

Interfaces to other vendor products

Mica 2 interface

An interface layer to enable our system to be integrated with the Berkley mote system

Gumstix interface An Interface to the Gumstix mote

Layers Undergoing Final Test

Layer Name

Short Description

Sensor Layers 

GPS Layer

For tracking and localisation

Java Virtual Machine Layer

A mote layer that can support a basic J2ME CLDC Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

ADI 7020/MSP430 layer

Transceiver/processor layer containing an ADI 7020 transceiver and a TI MSP430 microcontroller

Multi Sensor Layer

Containing combination microphone/ultrasonic ranger/IMU layer

ISE Interface Layer

Interface layer to ISE (or other) electrodes with programmable gain


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