Analytical Method to Predict Locking Range in Injection-Locked Frequency Divider

Injection-locked frequency dividers (ILFDs) offer great hope for lowering the power consumption of frequency synthesizers. A key problem for designers of ILFDs is knowing a priori the range of frequencies (locking range) over which they will operate. Current theory uses linear approximations that limit its accuracy. This project will use nonlinear strategies (harmonic balance and bifurcation theory) to predict the locking range with greater accuracy. This will result in a more robust design methodology and more widespread adoption of ILFDs in frequency synthesizers. This project is supported by SFI under the Grant 06/RFP/ENE009.





  1. M. Ghahramani, S. Danseshgar, M.P. Kennedy, O.D. Feo, Optimizing the Design of an Injection-Locked Frequency Divider by Means of Nonlinear Analysis. In Pro. ECCTD 2007, pages 571-574, Seville, 26-30 August.2007.

Mary O'Regan Administrator Theory Modelling and Design Centre

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