MH-7 - GreenCom WSN Applications Engineer (Embedded Systems)

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Project Engineer
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University College Cork, Tyndall National Institute invites applications for an appointment as an Embedded Systems WSN Applications Engineer to design, develop and deploy Wireless Sensor mote and gateway platforms for conditional monitoring and micro-grid applications. This is for supporting a number of EU funded FP7 Research programs that Tyndall has recently started in alignment with Tyndall’s strategy in participating in ‘ICT for energy efficiency’ projects. The contract is for a minimum of 30 months and will be subject to extension depending on candidate performance and the awarding to Tyndall of similar research contracts.

Tyndall National Institute (Tyndall),, is Ireland’s largest research centre, specialising in defined areas of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Within Tyndall, the WSN team is developing wireless sensor network solutions with industrial and research partners incorporating environmental monitoring system development and health & fitness systems development.


Please apply via, selecting reference number MH-07 and following the instructions to complete the associated application form, attaching your cv and motivation letter.

At this time, Tyndall National Institute does not require the assistance of recruitment agencies.

Tyndall National Institute is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

Reporting to the project Principal Investigator the candidate will: • Be responsible for the specification, design and development and pilot support of hardware solutions for conditional monitoring and microgrid applications. This will be in many cases combination of Tyndall developed hardware and firmware with commercially available hardware platforms. • Be responsible for developing constituent elements for collaborative WSN Embedded Solutions co-developed with project partners as required on a project by project basis, e.g. energy harvesting & storage technologies, actuation platforms. • Ensure that any platform developed is in line with Tyndall’s WSN mote roadmap, developing self-powered, miniaturized and cost effective solutions with actuation and control compatibility. Compatibility with energy harvesting and/or hybrid energy management solutions to maximise battery life and ultimately eliminate the need for battery replacement should also be taken into account. • Travel to project meetings, EU project partner sites and any other deployment sites to present technical results and project updates and support installation, troubleshooting and operation of the WSN hardware and integration with other project system elements. • Facilitate collection of inputs and provide advice and technical support to the other project partners in the inter-operability of the WSN device with various drivers, meters, middleware applications, security protocols, algorithms, business models, etc developed/integrated in the research program. • Maintain engineering logs (hard copy and software) of all activities including engineering documents, meetings, reviews, results, IP generated, project correspondence, etc in accordance to Tyndall’s ISO900 procedures. • Execute duties in accordance with terms and conditions of the EU project consortia agreements.
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The ideal candidate will have at least 3-5 years industrial experience in Embedded Systems incorporating design, embedded software development, and wireless sensor system test.
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GreenCom WSN Applications Engineer (Embedded Systems)
Required Skills and experience: 
The successful candidate will be a key member of a team with expertise in microsystems technologies, wireless sensors, electronics and low power system design. Relevant experience in an industrial context and in the deployment of embedded systems would be particularly valuable. The candidate needs to be practical, assertive and achievement orientated. Good self-management, report writing skills and communication skills for interaction with project partners is essential. It is also essential that technical and project status reports are delivered in a timely manner in accordance with project terms. The ideal candidate will have experience in as many as possible of the following areas:- Analog circuit and hardware design (including PCB, schamtics capture and layout tools), Embedded Firmware desing for low power microcontrollers, Hands-on deployment and system integration support, Wireless Sensor Networks, RF communication protocols (802.15.4 (Zigbee), ISM band, Bluetooth, etc), Wired interface communication protocols (RS485, USB, IEEE,I2C, SPI). Familiarity with the following types of equipment is required:- Basic lab equipment (oscilloscopes, meters, power sources, etc), network analysers, spectrum analysers and ancillaries. We also welcome candidates with skills the the following addtional areas:- RF design and implementation, Energy harvesting techniques (indoor solar, thermoelectric), WSN components selection (microcontrollers, radio chipsets (transceivers), crystal oscillators, flash memory, sensors), Sensor types (e.g. electrical, temperature, light, humidity, gas, PIR Excellent communication skills are essential. A proven ability to work well in a team and to ability to work on his/her own initiative to solve technical, logistical and system integrations is critical. The need to work flexible hours is required and to be adaptable in working practice is essential.
Minimum experience: 
1 - 2 years
Working conditions: 
Full time
Standard Tyndall benefits
Functional area:
Applications engineers
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Michael Hayes,,
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Ireland fund ecsf ucc
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