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John Tyndall Lecture - Daniel Corkery Summer School

Prof. Cian O’ Mathuna, Head of Strategic Programs at Tyndall and Research Professor in the School of Engineering at University College Cork, will give a keynote lecture entitled ‘The achievements of John Tyndall and the work of the Tyndall National Institute in the Ireland of Today’ at the Daniel Corkery Summer School on Sunday the 16th of July at 8pm.

Dr Paul Galvin Head of the ICT for Health Programmes and Head of the Life Sciences Interface Group at the Tyndall National Institute will also give a lecture entitled ‘Technologies in Health Care Emerging from John Tyndall’s Work’. His talk is due to take place at 9pm on Tuesday the 18th of July.

The Daniel Corkery Summer School is an annual Inchigeelagh village event of music, workshops and lectures, to celebrate the life of Daniel Corkery, 1868-1964, who lived in and loved the village.

Daniel Corkery, a native son of Cork, was a poet, playwright, novelist, critic and nationalist, perhaps best known for his book 'The Hidden Ireland' (1924), his classic study of literature in the Irish language. As a UCC lecturer, his students included Frank O’Connor and Seán O'Fiolain. 

This year the keynote is: ‘John Tyndall 1820-1893’.  Tyndall National Institute is named after John Tyndall who was a prominent Irish born, scientist. You can learn more about John Tyndall here

Jack Healy will portray the role of John Tyndall on Sunday the 16th of July. Jack is a Cork based actor and playwright who has written extensively and worked as an actor with other Cork based companies, Corcadorca, Graffiti and Meridian. Jack also has a significant interest in science and gives after school grinds to students maths and physics. He will recite Light Lecture 5 which is about how the velocity of light was determined from observing the moons of Jupiter. 

For more information on the event please check out the following link: