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Energy Consumption from Working at Home must be Sustainable

Posted on: 24 Jun 2020

Energy Consumption from Working at Home must be Sustainable

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a pivotal moment for Government to adopt sustainable practices for working from home, which means an urgent need for new low-cost home heating solutions, including mass retrofitting of existing stock.

Those are some of the conclusions from scientists at the International Energy Research Centre (IERC) at the Cork-based Tyndall National Institute, who compared Irish homes with four other European countries to gauge housing stocks and heating analysis.

The EuroHeat Report, a joint project with Ervia and Gas Networks Ireland, has "significant and urgent policy recommendations that are now even more timely as Ireland begins phased recovery from Covid-19".

Piyush Verma, Senior Energy Market Analyst,
IERC at Tyndall.
Source: Irish Examiner

Report author and senior energy market analyst at the IERC, Piyush Verma, said: "With both employers and employees realising the benefits of remote working over the past few months, work from home looks set to become a common practice in Ireland".

"This change creates a pivotal moment for Government to adopt the significant policies needed for us to make our new work from home lifestyles sustainable.”

The EuroHeat report examined Ireland against Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK because of similar climates and social practices.

Mr Verma said heating already accounts for 60% of domestic energy consumption in Ireland, the highest among the five countries compared. 

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