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International Energy Harvesting Workshop, EnerHarv, opens at Tyndall

Posted on: 29 May 2018

International Energy Harvesting Workshop, EnerHarv, opens at Tyndall


Tyndall National Institute will host a 3-day Energy Harvesting workshop in Cork from Tuesday 29th to Thursday 31st May. EnerHarv, run by Tyndall and the multinational Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) will feature demonstrations of new energy harvesting technology and see examples of successful energy harvesting products already created. Around 80 invited delegates will hear from speakers from Europe, Asia and the US including Yogesh Ramadass, Director of Power Management Research and Development at Kilby Labs from Texas Instruments, and Eric Yeatman, Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London.

It is estimated that by 2025, a trillion sensors will have to be powered worldwide [source: McKinsey]. EnerHarv will address the need to replace batteries in ultra-low power Internet of Things devices which has become a major technical, cost and logistical issue that is significantly impeding potential growth in this sector. The workshop presents a major opportunity for developers and users of energy harvesting micro-power management technologies to collaboratively develop and introduce a new generation of devices with embedded regeneration capability and optimised low power consumption based on the application need.


Michael Hayes, Tyndall (General Chair) and Brian Zahnstecher, PowerRox, open PSMA's Inaugural Enery Harvesting Workshop at Tyndall with 80 experts and users from the IoT community 


Mike Hayes, Head of ICT 4 Energy Efficiency at Tyndall and President of PSMA, says: “The workshop will bring together a community of experts to address the challenges and opportunities currently facing the sector, and will help the industry understand where technology is going. Participants will get to interact with demonstrations of current energy harvesting technologies in operation from many top tier vendors, and can talk directly with the developers.”

“This inaugural event strengthens the energy harvesting ecosystem in Ireland and puts the country front and centre of this emerging sector. One of our key EnerHarv technical sponsors is the Science Foundation Ireland CONNECT centre, of which Tyndall is a member. CONNECT will provide technical direction, contributions and industry alignment for low power network solutions for IoT devices. Through cooperation like this, and through developing collaborative partnerships between Irish and international companies and researchers, we can deliver an energy harvesting roadmap to guide and accelerate development globally.”