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Ten ESA Space Solutions Centre Ireland Launches

Posted on: 29 Oct 2020

Ten ESA Space Solutions Centre Ireland Launches

In celebration of Space Week (October 4th-10th) we shared profiles of some of our ESA BIC clients, all of whom leverage space technology in the development and deployment of their terrestrial applications. We are proud to have supported 20 early stage companies since 2016 as part of our contract with the European Space Agency. Below you’ll find details of 10 of these indigenous, innovative and ground-breaking companies showcasing the tremendous breadth of space applications leveraged by these SMEs.



ApisProtect uses unique, innovative technology that leverages satellite infrastructure to connect beehives to the company’s servers and helps beekeepers prevent losses and increase productivity in their hives. Now monitoring the health of over twenty million honey bees in beehives across Europe and North America, ApisProtect brings the power of advanced sensors and machine learning technology into the hive to deliver a 24/7 early warning system so beekeepers can give at-risk beehives immediate attention and improve bee health. An ESA BIC Ireland client company, the company’s ApisMonitor unit will be ready for sale in late-2020.




DroneSAR develops software for emergency response teams involved in drone flight search-and-rescue operations. The DroneSAR app allows drone pilots 'in-the-field' to choose automatic flight functions and to share live data with Command and Control Units in real time. By organising the process of data collection and providing a framework to manage and analyse captured data, DroneSAR ensures drones can be applied methodically as part of a rescue protocol, enabling teams to work more effectively and safely.

“The next step will be integrating satellite data through the ESA to share drone location data and images with first responders and their command centres, often many kilometres away.”


Intelligent Implants

Using wireless electronics to stimulate healing, Intelligent Implants is at the forefront of electrotherapeutic devices to treat disease and aid recovery in bone and other tissues. Their integrated devices facilitate treatment for the patient, as well as decision making for healthcare professionals.

The company pioneers the use of data, engineering, and medicine to bring novel, active and connected medical devices to healthcare. By utilising microgravity environments, the long-term objective is to develop controlled electromagnetic signalling with bone tissue in space.



The Motoklik device takes the guesswork out of motocross suspension set-up so riders can concentrate fully on the joy of riding. The Motoklik device attaches to any bike and sends instructions to the rider’s smartphone on how to adjust compression, rebound and sag for individual riding style. Motoklik uses the latest satellite positioning technology to post super accurate lap-timing at every track, even on practice days!

“The support from ESA is being used to give our customers ground breaking experiences in satellite positioning, remote data management and real time information streaming.”



Sensor company PixQuanta integrates 3D imaging space technology to create cost-effective sensor interfaces to complex circuitry without the need to trade-in performance. This technology can be used in a variety of applications here on Earth. These include better 3D imaging performance, lower dose medical x-ray, and safer LiDAR for autonomous driving.



From phones to wind turbines, bicycles to satellites, weight reduction (also known as lightweighting) is a core focus of current and future design across many industries. PlasmaBound’s patented Controlled Polymer Ablation (CPA) technology supports new design opportunities across aerospace, transport, marine, renewable and consumer electronics. PlasmaBound’s patent-pending technology re-tasks atmospheric plasma technology so that when presented to a similarly treated composite or suitably treated metal, PlasmaBound reliably achieves aerospace grade bonds.



ProvEye’s advanced image processing software helps farmers to make decisions about crop management to reduce costs, increase yields and maximise profit. ProvEye uses images from both drones and satellites to map yield, pests, biomass and other biophysical measures at an unprecedented imaging level. ProvSAT is the company’s advanced image processing solution. Designed to leverage the vast quantities of available satellite imagery, it will automate data processing and reporting to generate actionable insights for agriculture and other industries.



IPV Marine is an adaptation of Skytek’s International Protocol Viewer (IPV) technology, a system that controls and manages over 13,000 procedures on board the International Space Station. The ESA Technology Transfer Demonstrator initiative allowed the company’s space application to be piloted as IPV Marine aboard the tanker Ardmore Cheyenne, applying complex space management software to the shipping industry.

“ESA Space Solutions Centre Ireland brought Ardmore Shipping Corporation and Skytek together to open up new opportunities for the commercialisation of this technology which could potentially lead to paperless shipping and improve safety and efficiency across the sector.”



Tisalabs helps customers to deliver world class IoT solutions by providing them with best in class communications technology. They offer ironclad security through secure satellite communications to IoT deployments, to ensure an always available and redundant data path. Tisalabs IoT solutions allows objects to be sensed or controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, creating opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems.




The Varadis RADFET is a microelectronic chip, specially engineered to be sensitive to high energy radiation.  A spin-out company from the Tyndall National Institute, Varadis is leveraging over 30 years of Tyndall technology development in the radiation monitoring space.  As a result, the company is now building and selling the world’s most effective and dynamic radiation monitoring components, devices and systems to some of the globe’s most recognised organisations.