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Tyndall Spinout BioPixS Officially Launched

Posted on: 18 Sep 2020

Tyndall Spinout BioPixS Officially Launched

Tyndall National Institute, in conjunction with IPIC SFI Research Centre and UCC Innovation, is pleased to announce the launch of biophotonics spinout BioPixS.  

Previously selected as part of a consortium awarded European Commission funding in the EU fight against Covid-19, Irish SME BioPixS translates cutting-edge research into hi-tech, innovative products to advance the biophotonics market. Their core product delivers homogenised phantoms (stand-ins for human tissues) that simulate the interaction of light with tissue, reducing time and cost to develop high-tech biomedical devices. BioPixS' phantoms also target the reduction of animal use in preclinical trials, providing parallel alternatives.

L-R: Stefan Andersson-Engels, Head of BioPhotonics, IPIC; BioPixS CEO Sanathana Konugolu Venkata Sekar; David McGovern, Senior Business Development Manager, IPIC at Tyndall. Photo taken at the Tyndall 2025 Strategy Launch in January 2020

Dr. Sanathana Konugolu Venkata Sekar, CEO of BioPixS explained, “These phantoms serve a pressing need for validation of clinical methodologies, characterisations, calibration of instruments, and standardisation of protocols and devices. Our mission to be a one-stop solution for all biophotonics standardisation needs. BioPixS will spur innovation and fast track the next generation of biomedical tools.”

Dr. Sekar is a researcher in biophotonics at Tyndall, where his entrepreneurship has also been supported by IPIC and UCC Innovation. Professor Paul Townsend, Head of the Photonics Centre, Tyndall and Director of IPIC commented, ‘’BioPixS has the potential to revolutionise the entire biophotonics value chain, from laboratory to clinical applications, and we’re very excited to see the advances that BioPixS will drive forward in the future. We are delighted that they’re launching from the SFI-funded IPIC Photonics Research Centre to produce cutting edge industrial applications that support and advance standards in the field of Biophotonics.’’

Professor William Scanlon, CEO at Tyndall National Institute added, “We are pleased to add BioPixS to the growing Tyndall new ventures portfolio of spin-outs, spin-ins and start-ups. BioPixS is a great example of how our world leading research, and its advancement to market through start-up companies, is helping to deliver commercial and societal benefit. BioPixS is targeting rapid health-related innovation, and is set to go from strength to strength in this growing market.’’

Prof. Anita R. Maguire, VP Research & Innovation, UCC today commented on the launch of BioPixS:

“The launch of BioPixS as the most recent spin-out company to emerge from the groundbreaking research at Tyndall and UCC is most welcome. These innovations are set to transform the way biophotonics research is performed, providing solutions which accelerate instrument development and monitor day to day performance of devices. UCC has now formed 35 spin-out companies since 2007 and this is an important aspect of our strategy to secure impact from our research.”