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Leader in Integrated ICT Hardware & Systems

PhD Training for National Collaborations

Structured Education Programmes

Tyndall was the national coordinator for two inter-institutional graduate education programmes; the International Centre for Graduate Education in Micro and Nano‐Engineering (ICGEE) and the Integrated NanoScience Platform for Ireland (INSPIRE).

Both programmes offered students a structured doctoral education which is primarily research based but also encompasses flexible taught courses in technical and transferrable skills, delivered across institutions.  A joint curriculum has been devised based on the strengths of the partner institutions and pools the combined scientific and pedagogical expertise of each contributor into a single offering.  The module offering covers postgraduate courses in technical or discipline-specific topics such as micro- and nano-electronics, nanoscience, photonics and bioscience.  The joint curriculum also recognizes that today’s engineering and science postgraduates need a wide range of skills in order to build successful careers in academia, research or industry. In so doing, the curriculum includes transferable skills such as communication & presentation skills and business related courses in innovation, commercialization & entrepreneurship.