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Primary schools

We believe that our next generation of scientists and engineers are in our primary and secondary schools. Tyndall offers free activities for schools. Our researchers can visit your classroom or we also welcome class groups from 3rd class upwards to visit us and take a look at our world class facilities (up to 25 students).

Through our programme of engagement activities, we are actively encouraging positive attitudes towards STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). If you would like a Tyndall researcher to visit your school or to come and visit us, please check out what has been on offer in the past below. Send us a completed form and we will try to accommodate you.Talks /visits will be scheduled between January-May 2018, subject to availability. Applications must be received before Dec 22nd for visits scheduled between Jan – Feb and before March 1st for visits between March - May. 

Some activities we have done this year:

Tools of the trade project

Is an art project exploring childhood creativity and city places of work.

Pupils from St Maries of the Isle and St Fin Barre’s Primary National Schools worked with Artists Leah Murphy and Susan Walsh over the past two months. Together they explored connections between art and workplaces in the city centre.

The project also included a number of site visits to the project partners. The children used a number of different art techniques to create a unique art work in a series of fun, interactive and educational workshops. Project partners included Barbara Hubert Bookbindery, Tyndall National Institute, The School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences UCC and the Cork Printmakers.

Researcher career talks

Our researchers love to talk about what they do every day at work and why they became scientists and can share their experiences with the students.

Tyndall Tours - Sand to silicon

The Tyndall National Institute is a unique and exciting building, and appeals to all ages. A number of different groups have visited Tyndall on tours, where they have taken part in our "Sand to Silicon" workshop. Here they can learn about the journey from a grain of sand to the technology driven microchip which has changed all our lives!

Researcher Richard Murphy has amassed a toolkit of all bits and pieces illustrating the Sand to Silicon journey, plus coupled with an opportunity to dress up in the Fab cleanroom suits, it provides a fun and educational experience for students of all ages.

We are currently working on other talks and activities to deliver to primary schools.  We will update this page as soon as they are available, so stay tuned!