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Prof. Domenico Zito

Centre : Theory, Modelling & Design
Group : Circuits and Systems
Phone : 021-420 5601
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My publications

System-on-a-Chip UWB Radar Sensor for Contactless Respiratory Monitoring: Technology and Applications

Planar Differential Antenna for Short-Range UWB Pulse Radar Sensor

Comparative Analyses of Phase Noise in 28-nm CMOS LC Oscillator Circuit Topologies: Hartley, Colpitts and Common-Source Cross-Coupled Differential Pair

System-on-a-Chip Radio Transceivers for 60 GHz Wireless Body-Centric Communications

Analyses and design of 95 GHz SoC CMOS radiometers for passive body imaging

Planar Differential Antenna for UWB Pulse Radar Sensor

MIDAS: Automated Approach to Design Microwave Integrated Inductors and Transformers on Silicon

Audio Telecom ADC Featuring Click-Free Gain Control Technique, Dithering Insertion, and Idle Tone Shifting

Feasibility Study Including Detector Non-Idealities of a 95GHz CMOS SoC Radiometer for Passive Imaging

Complements on Phase Noise Analysis and Design of Ring Oscillators

0.4V Low-Power 60-GHz Oscillator in 65nm CMOS

Millimeter-Wave High-Q Active Inductor in 65nm CMOS

Contactless Detection of Respiratory Rate and Apnea in Adults and Infants through SoC UWB Radar Sensor

Millimeter-wave 65nm CMOS Active Inductor at 76GHz

Millimeter-wave 65nm CMOS Class-C Oscillator

Feasibility and Challenges of a 95-GHz SoC Radiometer for W-Band Passive Imaging

13 GHz CMOS Active Inductor LC VCO

60-GHz Transceivers in Nano-scale CMOS Technology for WirelessHD Standard Applications

Delta Sigma ADC design flow through a Labview based design and benchmarking tool: flow description

Audio ADC for mobile applications featuring a novel gain control technique, dithering insertion and idle tones shifting

A 90nm CMOS SoC Radar Sensor for Respiratory Monitoring

Ku Band LC-active 90nm CMOS VCO

Enabling Technology for Heart Health Wireless Assistance

System-level Simulations Investigating the System-on-Chip Implementation of 60-GHz Transceivers for Wireless Uncompressed HD Video Communications

Microwave Inductors Design Automation on Silicon

IF Amplifier Section in 90 nm CMOS Technology for SoC Microwave Radiometers

Microwave Active Inductors

UWB CMOS Monocycle Pulse Generator

CMOS UWB Multiplier

Dual-Input Pseudo-Switch RF Low Noise Amplifier

22.7dB gain -19.7dBm ICP1dB UWB CMOS LNA

CMOS correlation receiver for UWB pulse radar

Contactless Cardiac Monitoring Through Wearable Pulse Radar

60-GHz CMOS Transceivers for Uncompressed Wireless HD Video Communication

Advances in CMOS SoC radar sensor for contactless cardiac monitoring

60-GHz transceivers for wireless HD uncompressed video communication in nano-era CMOS technology

System-on-Chip RF Sensors for Life and Geo Sciences

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