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Smart Agri Food & Nanosensor Systems

Advanced NanoSensors for Agri-Foods & the Environment

Globally, agriculture is undergoing seismic disruptions arising from the competing challenges of food security, the environment, and societal needs. The dairy sector is not exempt from this disruption as it faces a confluence of challenges: (a) the rapidly increasing global demand for dairy products, (b) the growing concern over the impact of ruminant production on climate change, and (c) the long-term volatility of global dairy markets.

Fortunately, the solutions to these challenges are emerging from a parallel revolution in smart and precision agriculture. The development and deployment of new knowledge, monitoring technologies and decision support tools can help to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire production chain.

The Advanced Nanosensors Group at Tyndall develops novel nanotechnology-based sensors and sensor systems specific aimed to meet the challenges in the agriculture, food and environmental fields.

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