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2015 Publications

1. Padmanathan, N., Shao, H., Selladurai, S., Glynn, C., O'Dwyer, C., & Razeeb, K. M. (2015). Pseudocapacitance of α-CoMoO4 nanoflakes in non-aqueous electrolyte and its bi-functional electro catalytic activity for methanol oxidation. international journal of hydrogen energy, 40(46), 16297-16305.

2. Padmanathan, N., Selladurai, S., Rahulan, K. M., O’Dwyer, C., & Razeeb, K. M. (2015). NiO hybrid nanoarchitecture-based pseudocapacitor in organic electrolyte with high rate capability and cycle life. Ionics, 21(9), 2623-2631.

3. Gautam, D., O'Neill, M., & Razeeb, K. M. (2015, July). Optimization of Pulsed Electrodeposited Bi2Te3-Based Thin Films from DMSO Solution: Influence of Deposition Parameters, Electrolytic Bath Composition and Annealing. In Meeting Abstracts (No. 28, pp. 1061-1061). The Electrochemical Society.

4. Jackson, N., Sheehan, A., Hasan, M., Stam, F., & Razeeb, K. M. (2015). Electromechanical properties of carbon nanotube infused polyacrylamide hydrogel. Advances in Polymer Technology, 34(2).

5. Narayanasamy, P., Shao, H., Selladurai, S., O'Dwyer, C., & Razeeb, K. M. (2015, April).  Design of α-CoMoO4 Nanoflakes on Carbon Cloth and Investigation of Their Pseudocapacitance in Non-Aqueous Electrolyte and Electro-Oxidation of Methanol. In Meeting Abstracts (No. 1, pp. 151-151). The Electrochemical Society.

6. Ramm, P., Klumpp, A., Mathewson, A., Razeeb, K. M., & Pufall, R. (2015). The European 3D Heterogeneous Integration Platform (e-BRAINS)-a Particular Focus on Reliability and Low-Temperature Processes for 3D Integrated Sensor Systems. Additional Papers and Presentations, 2015(DPC), 001847-001884.

7. Carroll, E., Buckley, D., Collins, G., Holmes, J. D., Razeeb, K. M., & O'Dwyer, C. (2015). Paintable films from chemically exfoliated 2D bismuth telluride nanosheets. ECS Transactions, 64(41), 1-11.

8. Tao, J., Mathewson, A., & Razeeb, K. M. (2015). Nanowire-Based Anisotropic Conductive Film: A Low Temperature, Ultra-fine Pitch Interconnect Solution. IEEE nanotechnology magazine, 9(1), 4-11.

9. Razeeb, K. M., Jamal, M., Hasan, M., & Mathewson, A. (2015). Vertically Aligned Nanowire Array-Based Sensors and Their Catalytic Applications. In Nanobiosensors and Nanobioanalyses (pp. 23-40). Springer, Tokyo.

10. Padmanathan, N., Selladurai, S., & Razeeb, K. M. (2015). Ultra-fast rate capability of a symmetric supercapacitor with a hierarchical Co 3 O 4 nanowire/nanoflower hybrid structure in non-aqueous electrolyte. Rsc Advances, 5(17), 12700-12709.