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Explorer pre-commercialization programme 2024 is a collaboration led by IPIC-the SFI Centre for photonics, with Tyndall National Institute, ams- Osram, CONNECT (the SFI Centre for Future Networks and Communications), with support of Enterprise Ireland, Atlantic Bridge, IPCEI, Nova UCD, DogPatch Labs, MIDAS and Science Foundation Ireland.

Explorer pre-commercialization programme is a 3-month training and mentorship course for a cohort of 8-10 teams in deep-tech areas. It will nurture high-potential teams & technology-holders on their path:

  1. to start the spin-off journey
  2. to learn about commercialization of the technology
  3. to develop industrial and entrepreneurial soft skills

The attendees will benefit from:

  • Tailored agenda for deep-tech entrepreneurship
  • Both industry and academy partners
  • Practical mentorship to better overcome the technical & business issues
  • Access to relevant Irish & EU initiatives
  • Feedback on how to apply for a CF or FS grant, if applicable

If you believe you have an idea in deep-tech sectors, that have a potential to be commercialised, join the explorer programme and explore the initial steps you need to take on your journey.


We are looking for researchers in deep tech sectors such as advanced materials, photonics, semiconductor, biotechnology, nanotechnology, robotics, electronics and other deep-tech areas. Ideal applicant is a team of 2-4 people, residents of the island of Ireland who have an early stage idea, with developments done on the the technology.

8 to 10 teams will be selected to participate on 3-month workshops and mentorship sessions.

The programme usually starts in the first week of February and concludes in the first week of May. For 2025, applications will begin to be accepted around October 2024, exact dates to be confirmed.

* Most sessions will be conducted online, but there will be two in-person sessions, as well as a showcase event.

* The mentorship sessions and feedback meetings will be held in between the workshops on a weekly/biweekly basis.


Stay tuned for the 2025 brochure.

If you have any questions, please email us at