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Education & Public Engagement in Science and Research

Why is Education & Public Engagement in Science Important?

Science, technology and research have critical value in addressing the economic, social and environmental problems that we see facing the world today. This needs the support of an engaged public which appreciates the importance of science, encourages young people (our future leaders), to take science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects, and has the appropriate level of engagement with, and influence upon, the researchers.

What We Do at Tyndall

Here at Tyndall, we’re excited about what we do. We are a leading European research centre in deep-tech innovation - cutting-edge and disruptive technologies that are based on scientific discoveries. We specialise in both electronics and photonics (the science of light).

Our Education and Public Engagement activities programme aim to:

  1. Explain science, technology, engineering and math’s (STEM) breakthroughs
  2. Promote physics, engineering & photonics in education, increase female participation and highlight career opportunities
  3. Improve our science communication skills as scientists and researchers
  4. Inspire the next generation to explore science-related careers
  5. Help with the teaching and learning of STEM subjects

We support a vibrant outreach programme to show students the diverse opportunities across physics, electronics, photonics, materials and chemistry. We visit schools, participate in festivals and public events, and host Transition Year programmes. An snapshot of our work can be found in the primary / secondary and events for general public tabs of this section.