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Emerging Materials & Devices

Emerging Materials & Devices

New materials and new devices are at the core of Tyndall research.  Advances in technology depend on integrating new materials often in novel ways, so as to improve the electronic, optical, magnetic, thermal or chemical performance of devices.  We focus in particular on meeting the demand for faster electronic devices that at the same time consume less power. 

We are researching sustainable ways to generate and store energy through photocatalytic, thermoelectric, piezoelectric, electromagnetic and hybrid transduction techniques.  We also develop smart materials that interact with their environment in a controlled way, such as sensors and anti-microbials.

At Tyndall we have the expertise to identify technology needs and then design and optimise solutions, through selecting materials, structuring them and combining them, often at the nanoscale.  To do this, we bring together specialists in atomic-scale to device-scale modelling, materials processing and characterisation, including particular strengths in electrical and magnetic characterisation.  

We are using simulation and experiment to develop new techniques for depositing materials with atomic-level control and fabricating devices at the micro to nano-scale.  We benefit from Tyndall’s comprehensive device fabrication facilities: it is crucial that we can process materials in the laboratories at Tyndall and can then transfer the technique to a realistic production environment, such as the clean room for wafer-scale batch-fabrication of devices.

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