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Empowering Women @ Tyndall

Empowering Women @ Tyndall

Empowering Women @Tyndall Committee

Established in 2016, EW@T supports our female staff and students to reach their full potential, through building their confidence and increasing their visibility.

At Tyndall, and in our industry as a whole, women are significantly under-represented, particularly at management level, and we are working to change this. Studies show that gender diverse organisations are stronger, perform better and work faster.  Working together, and with external groups and networks, we aim to make Tyndall stronger, better and faster.

Here’s how you can get involved:


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We regularly collaborate with like-minded networks and organisations. We have links with groups such as iWish, WiTS, Teen Turn, Aurora, Athena Swan, IEEE, and various businesses throughout Ireland.

Inspiring Leader Talks

Share your inspiring career journey and motivate others to follow in your footsteps. Suggest speakers from your own network of inspiring leaders.


Guide and encourage the next generation of female leaders by becoming a mentor.

 If you’d like to connect with us, email ew(at)tyndall(dot)ie