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Energy Harvesting


At Tyndall we have several groups who are dedicated to performing research on energy harvesting devices for the Internet of Things.  We perform research ranging from material development to fully integrated systems.  We currently have research projects that investigate three different types of energy harvesting mechanisms such as:

  1. Piezoelectric

  2. Electromechanical

  3. Thermoelectric

The piezoelectric activity is led by Nathan Jackson and Alan Mathewson through the PiezoMEMS team.  The team focuses on development of smart materials and their integration into various MEMS devices. Energy harvesting for the IoT is one of the primary applications that the team is targeting.


The Electromagnetic group is led by Saibal Roy. The group develops and characterizes patterned and nanostructured hard and soft magnetic materials for integrated micromagnetic devices. Their main focus is in modeling, design and development of MEMS vibrational energy harvesters employing electromagnetic and hybrid transductions for powering wireless sensor nodes (IoT).


The thermoelectric energy harvesting is led by Kafil Razeeb and his team (Nano-Interconnection). Their primary objective is to develop CMOS compatible thermoelectric materials and devices. Their primary interests are in the development of nanomaterials for thermoelectric applications.


The various energy harvesting methods have advantages and disadvantages for a given application. If you are interested in discussing your application with our teams to determine which method is best for you please contact us.

Contact enquiry (at) tyndall (dot) ie for all Business Development enquiries