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Leader in Integrated ICT Hardware & Systems


Image of Peter O'Brien and Patrick Morrissey

IPIC is one of Science Foundation Ireland’s twelve world-leading large scale research centres, established to deliver economic impact for Ireland. Our mission is to deliver excellence in photonics research and advance & miniaturise photonics integration science in order to develop leading edge technologies and products, especially in the areas of Information Communications Technology (ICT) and Health. This includes:

  • Revolutionising the speed of data transfer for the continued growth of the internet
  • Delivering new smart medical devices for improved patient outcome
  • Developing highly compact instrumentation for point-of-care diagnostics and wearable devices

With a  global photonics market worth over €350 billion and projected to reach over €600 billion by 2020, IPIC is  focused on producing micro- and nanoscale optoelectronic systems tailored to the needs of our industry partners. IPIC’s world-class research team aims to deliver fully integrated solutions to companies, which will increase economic activity, drive job creation and develop technologies which will significantly improve all of our day to day lives.

Our Centre brings together a full research value chain through our integrated research team who has expertise spanning quantum dots and biophotonics; integrated photonic and microelectronic circuits; and fully packaged photonic systems. With researchers at the Tyndall National Institute, Cork Institute of Technology, Dublin City University, University College Cork and 20 industry partners we will continue to grow our research programme in order to develop the next generation of photonics devices which will benefit us all.

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