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Disco DAD3350 Automatic Wafer Dicing Saw
Disco DAD3350 Automatic Wafer Dicing Saw

The Tyndall Microsystems Packaging Laboratory offers a comprehensive range of capabilities to support detailed component analysis work along with the packaging and assembly of microelectronics and microsystems components. The packaging operation supports the research work of Tyndall’s advanced research groups along with supporting the prototyping needs of Tyndall’s external client base including both industry users, project partners and the European Space Agency (ESA).

The packaging capability includes all of the processes required to take integrated circuits from the wafer and assemble them in a variety of packaged formats. The full packaging process available in the laboratory include: Ceramic Packaging, Chip-on-Board (CoB) assembly, Plastic (Glob-top) encapsulated assembly and Multi-Chip Module (MCM) assembly.

TPT Aluminium Wedge/Wedge Wire Bonder
TPT Aluminium Wedge/Wedge Wire Bonder

These processes are typically used in low-volume to build prototype devices for the validation of new technologies or the investigation of novel materials or assembly techniques. The facility supports the development of new IC & Microsystems technologies through the provision of a support service by which new devices may be quickly packaged for test and characterisation purposes.

The major packaging tools available in the laboratory include:

  • Logitech PM5 lapping / grinding system (wafer & die thinning to < 100µm).
  • 2 x Disco automatic dicing saws (wafers up to 8-inches / 200mm may be diced).
  • Die ejection system (removal of individual ICs from dicing tape).
  • Nordson EFD dispense system for die-attach & encapsulant dispense.
  • Gold (Au) wire bonder.
  • Aluminium (Al) 25µm wire bonder.
  • Aluminium (Al) 150µm wire bonder for power packaging.
  • Thermal & UV curing systems.
  • To download details of wire bond process capabilities & design rules, click here.
LPKF Protolaser 3D System
LPKF Protolaser 3D System which enables the definition and plating of circuit tracks on 3D objects thus enabling customised substrates & packaging solutions to be developed & fabricated.











Examples of 3D plastic casings on which circuit tracks and sensing patters have been defined (courtesy LPKF)
Examples of 3D plastic casings on which circuit tracks and sensing patters have been defined (courtesy LPKF)











                                                                                                                                                                                      An additional novel capability available in the laboratory is an LPKF Protolaser 3D functionalisation system. This system enables circuit patterns to be defined on 3D ojbects, e.g. plastic casings and supports the development of customised prototype packaging solutions for a wide range of applications.

For more details on the work currently being carried out in this area at Tyndall, please click on the link below:

Tyndall National Institute - Laser Direct Structuring - Presentation Download



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