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Nano Interconnect

Nanowire Anisotropic Conductive Film (NW-ACF)

Semiconductor chip packaging has evolved from single chip packaging to 3D heterogeneous system integration using multichip stacking in a single module. One of the key challenges in 3D integration is the high density interconnects that need to be formed between the chips with through-silicon-vias (TSVs) and inter-chip interconnects. Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) technology is one of the low-temperature, fine-pitch interconnect method, which has been considered as a potential replacement for solder interconnects in line with continuous scaling of the interconnects in the IC industry.

However, the conventional ACF materials are facing challenges to accommodate the reduced pad and pitch size due to the micro-size particles and the particle agglomeration issue. A new interconnect material - Nanowire Anisotropic Conductive Film (NW-ACF), composed of high density metallic nanowires that are vertically distributed in a polymeric template, is developed by the Advanced Energy Materials team to tackle the constrains of the conventional ACFs and serves as an inter-chip interconnect solution for potential three-dimensional (3D) applications.

Cross section of bumpless die bonding using nanowire anisotropic conductive film
Cross section of bumpless die bonding using nanowire anisotropic conductive film.

The novelty of the our approach is to synthesize the interconnection layer using optimum combination of nanowire and dielectric materials where the wires will be homogenously distributed and to assess the layer performance as an interconnection medium for future 3D Si interconnection, requiring excellent thermal behavior and high frequency signal transmission capability. From application point of view, nanowires are used for the first time in packaging. Reliability (Fatigue and Fracture) testing of copper nanowire array based package is new and it will open up a lot of future applications, mainly in the field of miniaturized flexible medical implants.

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