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New Ventures & Start Ups

The importance of New Ventures and Start Up activity in Tyndall is enshrined in Tyndall 2025.

At the Tyndall National Institute, entrepreneurship and innovation have always been important and as Ireland’s leading ICT research institute we are acutely aware of our responsibility to support disruptive innovation, which results in the generation of value added economic activity.

New ventures is an overarching term that covers the following start up categories:

Spin-Outs: an incorporated entity, the formation of which has arisen from research activity undertaken in Tyndall and that has resulted in the creation of Intellectual Property (IP). The Research Providing Organisation (RPO) will execute a licence for this IPR and will hold equity in the spin-out.

Spin-Ins: An incorporated entity which, at the time of formation, satisfies one of the following criteria:

  • Was dependent on the exploitation of specific Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) originating from the RPO, and the RPO will have executed a licence to the spin-out for the IPR and/or will hold equity in the spin-out.
  • Has an established presence at Tyndall in order to benefit from a research alignment with Tyndall.

Start Ups: a sole trader or incorporated entity that is not exploiting intellectual property rights developed in Tyndall.

ESA BIC Companies: an incorporated entity (less than 5 years old) that has been selected to participate in the ESA Business Incubation Centre Ireland initiative, of which the Tyndall National Institute is the lead consortium partner.

We work closely with our colleagues in UCC Innovation to give new ventures the best start in life. Tyndall’s new ventures team is looking to support motivated individuals that are keen to explore the commercial potential arising from their deep-tech research activities.

Our ambition is to support 30 new ventures by the end of 2025.

An important part of our new ventures philosophy is to develop entrepreneurial thinking and entrepreneurial mindsets across Tyndall, with particular focus on our graduate students and early careers researchers. There are many ways in which Tyndall staff can engage in these activities. To find out more about such opportunities please email

New Ventures Success Stories

New Ventures has been an important activity in Tyndall for some time, evidenced by some of the successful companies that have been created over recent years including:

  • FireComms
  • InfiniLED
  • SensL
  • Varadis
  • PixQuanta


New Ventures Founders Network

At Tyndall we are always on the lookout for individuals or teams that are interested in commercialising technology solutions that have been developed by our staff.

We actively encourage collaboration between our researchers and external business partners at an early stage in the commercialization lifecycle. Realising the commercial potential of research outputs requires specialist product development, marketing and business development skills and that is why we are keen to develop a network of individuals that can help to realise the latent commercial potential of the world-class research that takes place in Tyndall.

If you are interested in finding out more about the technologies that Tyndall is currently seeking business partners to evaluate for commercialisation potential please reach out to us in confidence by emailing


Incubation Supports

At our new facility in Tyndall North we will be developing best-in-class incubation facilities for the next generation of new ventures that we support.

Currently our incubation facilities are housed in Lee Mills House, on the Tyndall campus.

Services include:

  • Incubation suite with accommodation for up to six people
  • Hotdesk accommodation
  • Office furniture, e.g. desk, chair
  • Independent Internet access
  • Independent telephone access
  • Administration and management support
  • Printing, photocopying, scanning, binding, faxing
  • Secure access, light, heating, cleaning, canteen, coffee dock
  • Access to meeting rooms and conference facilities, including video conference
  • Access to Tyndall capital equipment
  • Access to Tyndall’s New Ventures team of professionals