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Piezoelectrics Materials for Energy Harvesting & Sensing



Hetrogenous Systems Integration
Hetrogenous Systems Integration

At Tyndall the PiezoMEMS team is dedicated to developing smart materials that can be used as Sensors or Actuators. The main group of materials that we investigate is piezoelectric materials. These smart materials generate a voltage when a force is applied to the material; this allows them to be extremely useful in MEMS devices such as sensors or energy harvesters.

The PiezoMEMS team has developed various types of smart materials with a focus on piezoelectrics. The team specializes in the deposition of CMOS compatible Aluminium Nitride. The team also has worked with other piezoelectric materials such as PVDF, PZT, Lithium Niobate, and quartz. When these materials are integrated into MEMS devices they can function as sensing devices or energy harvesters.

The team focuses on enhancing the piezoelectric properties and methods of integrating these materials into a MEMS process. In addition we also investigate the development of novel piezoelectric materials, with a special interest into flexible piezoelectrics.

We then use these materials to develop MEMS devices for a wide range of application. The main focus of our research is dedicated to using these materials in energy harvesting and sensor applications such as: gas, particles, or biosensor. In addition we have used these materials to create resonators such as: LWR, SAW, SH-SAW, and FBAR. We have also created ultrasound transducers, speakers/microphones, and aerosol generators.

Smart Materials
High quality AIN deposited on (top) silicon and (bottom) polymer substrate for increased flexibility and biocompatibilty





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