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Semiconductor Technologies

Tyndall calls for a national chips strategy to secure the future of the semiconductor industry in Ireland.

Semiconductor technologies have transformed our society since the industrialisation of chip manufacturing six decades ago. 

Today, Ireland has a longstanding thriving semiconductor industry that directly employs 20,000 people and will generate an estimated revenue of €15.5bn in 2023.

Government investment in skills and research and innovation, including 40 years of investment in Tyndall, has matched the growth of the semiconductor industry in Ireland and maintained a competitive edge in terms of investment by multinationals. 

However, constant advanced research and development is required to maintain competitive advantage in the design and manufacturing of semiconductor products, making this industry one of the most research-intensive sectors.

The recently approved EU Chips Act comprises a comprehensive set of measures worth €43bn to ensure the European semiconductor ecosystem stays relevant and to safeguard the EU’s strategic autonomy in the global supply chain of semiconductors.

The clear ambition of other European and other western countries to invest in semiconductors means that Ireland needs to double down on the development of all aspects of the sector, even to maintain its current share of business.

A chips strategy for Ireland and its role in the global semiconductor industry, will provide the focus and intervention needed to make the most of the short window of opportunity for both private and public organisations to work together and to reposition Ireland in the global semiconductor market.

In a new position paper, Tyndall is urgently calling on the Government to prioritise a National Chips Strategy for Ireland, with an ambitious target of more than doubling the size of the semiconductor industry in Ireland by 2030.

Download this Tyndall Paper to discover how Ireland can capitalise on this opportunity and Tyndall’s recommendations to ensure we become internationally competitive in the area of Semiconductor Technologies.

Tyndall, Ireland’s flagship research institute in ICT hardware and systems, is a key actor in European semiconductor research and innovation and can play a pivotal role in the ambitions set out in this Paper by utilising its rich network of global partnerships and depth of experience.