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Sensing and Separation Group


The component and systems business in Europe concentrates on added value operations, on system integration, on novel technologies and on enabling the end-user industry to offer new technologies and total product/service solutions. Increased multi-disciplinary, integrated software/hardware systems, heterogeneous microsystems and the use of widely distributed systems for monitoring control are growing challenges. Microsystems exist to integrate and interface multiple core technologies and related materials to implement a variety of functions.

Example of application areas
Example of application areas

They are implemented through scalable homogeneous or heterogeneous hardware integration technologies in order to advance miniaturisation, functionality and reliability of the sensing, processing, actuating and communication functions. The Sensing and Separation team are focused on a range of sensing (electrochemical, impedance, immunosensor etc.) and separation devices (capillary electrophoresis) that are being developed at Tyndall National Institute which, are module in nature and can be integrated into lab-on-chip systems.

We are using tools and processes of nano/micro-technology to address challenges in biology with the objective to develop miniaturised devices and systems that are simple, label-free, and sensitive, and developed according to end user requirements. These integrated systems will address markets including health, pharmaceutical industry, environmental monitoring, food, beverage and security/defence sectors. 


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