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Integrated Sensors & Actuators

RADFETs in miniature plastic packages developed for the European Space Agency

New emerging functional materials and devices are enabling new classes of fully integrated sensor devices with advanced functionality and enhanced performance characteristics when compared to current commercial sensor devices.  These performance enhancements include increased sensitivity selectivity, and stability.   Two examples, amongst others at Tyndall, of these integrated sensors devices include (i) electrochemical-based nanosensors and (ii)  radiation sensitive field effect transistors (RADFET) sensor devices.  Integrated electrochemical nanosensors have tremendous application potential in smart Agri-food ( animal health, soil nutrient analysis, etc.), Environmental monitoring (e.g., water quality, gas sensing)  and Pharma-chem (e.g., in-line analysis) sectors while RADFET sensor devices are finding increased application  in Medical (radiology) and Space (e.g.,  astronaut space suit monitoring) sectors.  The design for manufacture approaches employed by Tyndall means that these integrated sensor devices may be easily incorporated into a suite of robust sensor systems required by the Internet-of-Things enabled  paradigms, for example, smart cities, smart farms etc.


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