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Smart Radio Systems


The Smart Radio Systems team develops antenna and RF solutions for next-generation wireless applications.


Core areas of research include:

  • Antenna/RF/Microwave Design and Measurement
  • Development of novel, highly-integrated, low-cost antennas
  • Single, Multi-Band and Tunable antennas
  • Smart/Reconfigurable RF front-ends
  • Multi-Band radio transceiver architecture development
  • System-Level wireless solutions for Wearable Devices and Body Sensor Network (BSN) applications


Antenna simulation, design and measurement capabilities
Antenna simulation, design and measurement capabilities

The Smart Radio Systems team focuses on research relating to the design, analysis and measurement of RF and microwave antennas, components and systems. The key focus is the development of Smart antenna and RF solutions that provide adaptively and reconfigurability for next generation wireless sensing and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. A strong focus is on wearable antenna applications. Recent research (see publications section below) has developed antenna tuning solutions that can adaptively match the antenna impedance to that of the radio transceiver in the presence of the human body leading to improved wireless communications performance and the potential for reduced power consumption. The team have developed a number of novel antenna designs that feature low-cost and small-size antenna structures that are published in the literature. The team also can perform a wide range of RF characterization with state-of-the-art equipment including an AMS8050 antenna measurement system shown.


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