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Structured PhD Programmes

Structured Education Programmes

All UCC PhD students register on a structured programme. This means that students are required to take a number of taught modules alongside their research. The module requirements are shown in the table below. Tyndall leads an exciting new research driven structured PhD programme, PhD Engineering Science. The programme recognizes that today’s engineering and science graduates need a wide range of skills in order to build successful careers in academia, research or industry. The doctoral training is inter-institutional.



Programme Duration Module Requirements

PhD Engineering Science, Stream 1

36 or 48 months 30 ETCS

PhD Eng Sc, Stream 2. PhD with certificate in Innovation, Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship

48 months 55 ECTS (of which 30 are ICE)


 PhD (Science) Physics

PhD (Engineering) – Electrical and Electronics Engineering

PhD (Science) - Chemistry

PhD (Engineering) Mechanical Engineering

36 months