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Leader in Integrated ICT Hardware & Systems

Research Opportunities

If you are interested in the following Research Opportunities, please navigate through our current listed vacancies and submit your application following the instructions contained herein.

The following positions are now open at Tyndall:

Job Title Job Ref # Closing Date Research Area
Researcher - Nanotechnology DI-4 Ongoing Materials & Devices
Senior Engineer - Silicon Circuit Design MSMY-2 04/07/2018 Microelectronic Circuits
Researcher - Building Energy Modeling BMA-14 29/06/2018 International Energy Research
Researcher - Nanotechnology AOR-1 Ongoing Nanotechnology
Researcher - Biophotonics SAE-7 Ongoing Biophotonics
Researcher - Materials & Devices MN-7 Ongoing Materials & Devices
Research Assistant - Wearable Sensors for Connected Health ST-5 Ongoing Wireless Sensor Networks
Researcher - III Nitride Devices PP-6 Ongoing Photonics
Research Assistant - Wearable Technologies COMA-9 Ongoing Circuits & Systems
Senior Researcher - Piezoelectric Materials for MEMS COMU-3 Ongoing Integrated Systems
Research Assistant - Electrochemical Instruments PG-30 Ongoing Electrochemical
Researcher - Transdermal Delivery Technologies COMA-6 Ongoing Circuits & Systems
Researcher - Sensor Integration COMA-7 Ongoing Circuits & Systems
Researcher - Control Communications COMA-8 Ongoing Circuits & Systems
Researcher - Marine Sensor Data Processing  BOF-63 Ongoing Wireless Sensor Networks
Research Assistant - Analogue Mixed-Signal / RF IC  IOC-8 Ongoing Analogue & Mixed Signal
Applications Engineer - Wearable WSN ST-2 Ongoing Wirless Sensor Networks
Head of Power Management DOR-1 Ongoing Analogue & Mixed Signal
Head of RF Transceivers  DOR-2 Ongoing Analogue & Mixed Signal
Researcher - Analogue Mixed-Signal - MCCI IOC-11 Ongoing Analogue & Mixed Signal
Research Engineer - Energy Harvesting/Power Management MH-19 Ongoing Energy Harvesting
Researcher - Analogue to Digital Converters IOC-9 Ongoing Analogue & Mixed Signal
Researcher - High Speed Optoelectronic Devices for Access Networks PT-29 Ongoing Photonics
Researcher - Hybrid Integration of SiC-based Sensors with Si Circuitry FRZG-2 Ongoing Integrated Systems
Researcher - Smart Sensing Systems, Location Aware Systems for Industry BOF-58 Ongoing Wireless Sensor Networks
Senior Applications Engineer - WSN MH-25 Ongoing Wireless Sensor Networks
Research Fellow - Biophotonics SAE-2 Ongoing Biophotonics
Senior Research Fellow - Biophotonics SAE-1 Ongoing Biophotonics


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