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Thermal Management

Thermal management of electronic and photonic devices 

Thermal Management of electronic and photonic devices is a major research focus in recent years due to the ever-decreasing size of these devices. In electronics, as the semiconductor device feature sizes continue to be reduced, the total heat flux generated per unit area by these component increases and ensuring reliable operation has become a growing challenge.

The effective removal of heat from an integrated circuit and its heat spreader to a heat sink is a vital step in meeting this challenge. On the other hand, in Photonic integrated circuit thermal management became more crucial as even slight change in temperature resulted in a large deviation of the wavelength of the device which is used to transmit data.

The thermal management activity within our group is focused: (a) To develop novel nanomaterials based thermal interface materials to remove heat from the functional devices and (b) To develop thermoelectric materials for the fabrication of integrated micro-thermoelectric cooler for the efficient thermal management of the photonics integrated circuits.    

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