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28/10/2014 Eamon O’Connor: PhD Presentation Eamon O’Connor At Tyndall
21/10/2014 DL_SOFTWARE Tutorial Dr. Chin Yong and Dr. Michael Seaton At Tyndall
04/09/2014 Lensless ultra-miniature computational sensors and imagers: Using computing to do the work of optics Dr. David G. Stork, Rambus Fellow, Rambus Labs. At Tyndall
04/09/2014 Lensless ultra-miniature computational sensors and imagers: Using computing to do the work of optics Dr. David G. Stork Rambus Fellow Rambus Labs At Tyndall
27/08/2014 Anvil Semiconductor Presentation Dr. Peter Ward - Anvil Semiconductor. MD Peter has had an extensive industrial career in the development and manufacturing of Silicon power and RF devices in both large organisations (STMicroelectronics and Plessey) and start-ups. He has worked in every aspect of the industry from basic technology research, through product development, to managing RF and Power device business units. At Tyndall
20/07/2014 5th International Workshop on Bismuth-Containing Semiconductors: Growth, Properties and Devices Details of invited speakers can be found on our website At Tyndall
27/06/2014 Public Outreach Event on 'Photonics: The Science of Light' External
29/01/2014 9th NAP Annual Scientific Workshop Chair: Dr. Alan O'Riordan At Tyndall
21/10/2013 Tyndall National Institute-IIBA Networking Event for India At Tyndall
14/10/2013 Institute of Physics Guest Speaker Series 2013/14 Professor Manish Chhowalla from Rutgers University, USA At Tyndall
21/05/2013 Photonics Seminar Peter Blood, Cardiff University At Tyndall
15/05/2013 SFI Walton Visiting Fellow Programme - Lecture Prof Reis Professor David A. Reis PULSE Institute, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University At Tyndall
23/01/2013 'No More Needles?' - UCC Annual Public Lecture Series Dr. Conor O'Mahony External
04/10/2012 Schrödinger Lecture 2012 Professor Siegmar Roth At Tyndall
19/09/2012 Graduate Training Workshop in Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship External
18/09/2012 Speech Prosthesis: Problems and Solutions Dr. Phil Kennedy, MD, PhD. Neural Signals Inc. At Tyndall
12/07/2012 Big Science for Small Countries International policy leaders in this area. External
11/07/2012 Tyndall Lecture Series Sir Harold (Harry) Kroto. Francis Eppes Professor of Chemistry at Florida State University. At Tyndall
13/06/2012 Nanopore and Nanowire Arrays as Platforms for Enhanced Chemical Sensing and Molecular Transformations Prof. Paul Bohn, University of Notre Dame At Tyndall
29/05/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Interfacing quantum dots to atomic vapors" Dr Val Zwiller, Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, TU Delft, The Netherlands At Tyndall
21/05/2012 Tyndall Lecture Series Professor Paul Corkum At Tyndall
13/05/2012 Microneedles 2012 - 2nd International Conference on Microneedles External
01/05/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Towards unrepeatered optical fibre telecommunication over 10 billion light years Prof. Tim Birks, Department of Physics, University of Bath, United Kingdom. At Tyndall
03/04/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Quantum optics with semiconductor quantum dots in microcavities" Prof. Frank Jahnke At Tyndall
27/03/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Semiconductor based quantum optical nanosystems" Prof. Jonathan Finley (Walter Schottky Institut, Munich) At Tyndall
26/03/2012 From Beijing to London Delivering Olympic & Elite Sport in Cross Cultural Context External
20/03/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Room-temperature charge storage with type-II quantum dots" Dr Robert J. Young (Lancaster University) At Tyndall
15/03/2012 Tyndall Lecture Series Richard G Compton At Tyndall
06/03/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Photonic crystal waveguides and cavities" Prof. Thomas Krauss (University of St Andrews) At Tyndall
02/03/2012 Photonics Seminar Series joint with the Department of Chemistry - "New Sc-based III-nitrides for photonic applications" Dr Michelle Moram (Imperial College London) At Tyndall
28/02/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Optical Resonator Biosensors" Dr Frank Vollmer (Laboratory of Biophotonics and Biosensing Max-Planck Institute) At Tyndall
22/02/2012 Invited Talk: A micro and nanotechnology materials business in anti-counterfeiting and security Dr. Adrian Burden, Head of Bilcare Technologies Europe At Tyndall
06/02/2012 Tyndall Lecture Series Professor Ferenc Krausz At Tyndall
31/01/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "III-V nanowires: how do they grow and which heterostructures can be realized" Dr Jean-Christophe Harmand (CNRS - Laboratoire de Photonique et de Nanostructures) At Tyndall
25/01/2012 Annual National Access Programme Scientific Workshop Various invited speakers At Tyndall
25/01/2012 Nanosensors: sensitive little things Dr. Alan O'Riordan External
24/01/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Applications of nano-photonics to solid state lighting" Dr Duncan Allsopp (University of Bath) At Tyndall
10/01/2012 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Capacity in Fiber Optic Communications. The case for a radically new fiber." Andrew Ellis At Tyndall
08/12/2011 Seminar Prof. Joachim Knoch Prof. Joachim Knoch At Tyndall
06/12/2011 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 - "Optical Fibre Manipulations Enabling State-of-the-Art Technologies" Dr. Dominic F. Murphy (Waterford Institute of Technology) At Tyndall
25/11/2011 Tyndall Lecture Series/Schrödinger-Lecture Professor Wolfgang Kautek University of Vienna At Tyndall
17/11/2011 Invited talk:ENIAC Dr. Yves Gigase, Head of Programmes, ENIAC At Tyndall
17/11/2011 Invited talk on Nanocoaxial Arrays Michael .J. Naughton and Cyril .P. Opeil, Department of Physics, Boston College At Tyndall
08/11/2011 "Growth and Applications of InAlN for opto and electronic devices" - Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 Prof. Peter Parbrook At Tyndall
03/11/2011 An MTT-S Distinguished Microwave Lecture Co-sponsored by IEEE Solid State Circuits Society UKRI Chapter Prof. Manos M. TENTZERIS Georgia Institute of Technology At Tyndall
02/11/2011 Photonics Seminar Series 2011/2012 Prof. Nabeel Riza (Head of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University College Cork) At Tyndall
28/10/2011 Prof. Joseph Paradiso of MIT Media Laboratory will deliver a lecture entitled ‘Living with Ubiquitous Sensing and Dynamic Responsive Prof. Joseph Paradiso of MIT Media Laboratory At Tyndall
28/10/2011 Dr. Evgeni Gusev of Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, will give a talk called ‘MEMS and Sensing Going Mobile’ Dr. Evgeni Gusev of Qualcomm MEMS Technologies At Tyndall
28/10/2011 IEEE Sensors 2011 External
18/10/2011 Invited Talk on Trends in Analog-Digital Interface Design Prof. Mike Flynn of University of Michigan At Tyndall
13/10/2011 Integrated EM noise suppressor for cell phone RFIC receiver Handset . M. Yamaguchi, Director of Electromagnetic Theory Division and Prof of Department of Electrical and Communication Engineering, Tohoku University, Japan At Tyndall
10/10/2011 Seminar in Silicon Polymers Professor Julian Koe, ICU, Tokyo, Japan At Tyndall
12/09/2011 Sensors & their Applications (S&A XVI) External
11/05/2011 PiFAS Scientific Workshop External
14/03/2011 ULIS - 2011 At Tyndall
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