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Advanced Energy Materials


Advanced Energy Materials Team is focusing on the development of novel nanostructures and nanocomposites for Energy Generation and Storage, Thermal Management of electronic and Photonic Devices and 3-D Integration. The aim of this activity is to apply nano-materials in specific applications of Energy related areas and thereby undertaking applied research to bridge the gap between science and technology.


Research Activities

  • Thermoelectric devices 
  • Hybrid energy storage

  • Nano Interconnect

  • 3D Integration 

Team Leader

  • Dr. Kafil M. Razeeb



  • Dr. Padmanathan Narayanasamy
  • Dr. Gowthamaraju


Postgraduate Students

  • Amit Tanwar (PhD student)
  • Rajvinder Kaur (PhD student)



  • Dr. Colm O’Dwyer
  • Dr. Ivana Savic


Alumni Researchers

  • Dr. D Gautam
  • Dr. Maksudul Hasan
  • Dr. Ju Xu
  • Dr. Mamun Jamal
  • Dr. Vanessa Smet
  • Indrajit Paul


Research Engineer

  • Dr. Pratap Kollu


Alumni Postgraduate Students

  • Dr. Han Shao
  • Dr. Jing Tao
  • Dr. Alessio Munari
  • Dr. Swatchith Lal
  • Siti Salwa Mat-Isa
  • Mohammad Mahyiddin Ramli
  • Elaina Farrell
  • Louise Devlin
  • Muhammad Haris
  • Bsyaer Alenzy


Intern Students

  • Martin Corbett
  • Thomas naveen Joseph
  • Patrick O'Mahony
  • Aisling Sheehan
  • Severine Santiago
  • Bilal Aslam
  • Christopher Dafydd Brunt
  • Daniele Garbin
  • Pierre Valery
  • Jennifer Mischieri
  • Laurie Dollat
  • Antoine Delpeuch
  • Lison Mercier
  • Helene Rodde

Contact enquiry (at) tyndall (dot) ie for all Business Development enquiries

Core Team