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The Epitaxy and Physics of Nanostructures laboratory investigates the epitaxial growth mechanism and the physics of a variety of semiconductor structures. In particular, we undertake fundamental studies of the growth mechanism and the optical properties of site controlled quantum dots (QDs) obtained by growing in pre-patterned GaAs substrates. Our field of interest spans as far as optoelectronic and electronic devices, with special attention to light emitting sources at telecom wavelengths.

The group is well equipped to tackle its mission.

The MOVPE system: Aixtron 200, double reactor: 1x2” and 3x2”.

Carrier gas: Nitrogen.



Group III precursors: TMGa, TEGa, TMAl, TMIn;

Group V precursors AsH3, PH3, TMSb, U-DMHy

Dopant sources: Si2H6, CBr4, DEZn

The cryogenic microPL and quantum optics laboratory

Characteristic features:  an ARS  low vibration,

low temperature (~7K) closed cycle cryostat

Two Jobin Yvon 1 metre spectrometers,

one nitrogen cooled CCD  and one InGaAs array .

Photon correlation set-up (4 channels, 4 APDs)

Timeresolved measurements capability in the visible and near infrared.

Supercontinuum laser for pulsed excitation

Advanced Research Systems, Inc.

The Atomic Force Microscopy system

Veeco Multimode V                                                                                   

The single crystal X-ray diffraction system

Panalytical X-pert MRD               

Processing and characterization
Oxygen Plasma

Plasma system type "FEMTO"                                                       

Optical Microscope

Olympus BX51