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STEM Education & Careers for Secondary Schools

In order to empower students to make fully informed choices about their future careers, we believe they need to have as much information as possible. We offer a range of free experiences that will provide career guidance advice and work placement opportunities in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). 

Career Talks

Our researchers conduct in-class or virtual talks career talks. This initiative encourages students to consider studying science at third level, illustrates scientific career opportunities and enhances their scientific awareness. Our researchers come from diverse backgrounds, countries and cultures to conduct world-class research in Cork. Their career paths are inspiring and insightful and can broaden student’s imaginations to include career paths they may not have considered beforehand.  Talks will last 30 – 40 minutes. If you would like your class to avail of a career talk please submit a request here. Visits are subject to availability and are limited.  




CEIA HighTechElec TY Programme

The ‘High Tech Elec’ is a collaboration between CEIA, Tyndall, UCC, MTU and CEIA member companies, developed to give TY students an insight into the high tech careers open to them in industry and academia. The programme is co-ordinated and organised by CEIA.

This programme usually runs for 1 week during February and/or March and can accommodate approximately 20 students. Students attend Tyndall for 1 and half days typically during the programme and attend the other partner institutions during the rest of the week.

Participating students undertake a week of physics, electronics and technology based workshops, lectures, career talks, and industry placement, culminating in an innovation competition – the TechnoDen. This unique structured one-week programme provides a positive experience for pupils genuinely interested in taking up a science or engineering career.

Students must submit an application form for consideration to CEIA. Applications open sometime between October – December each year and are available from the CEIA website.

Not every student who applies will be offered a place. The decision of the reviewing committee is final. If a student is offered a place on the programme, participation in the full week is required.

The Tyndall TY Programme:

The Tyndall TY programme is a week long programme that typically takes place in February or March. It gives transition year secondary school students the chance to discover topics like electronics, wireless sensors, materials science, electrochemistry, photonics and physics through talks, workshops, demonstrations and lab tours. The programme can accommodate approximately 10 – 15 students. Places are limited and not everyone who applies will secure a place. The decision of the judging panel is final.  Students can apply for the programme through an application form found on the Tyndall website from October each year. Details on how to apply will be updated on the following page closer to the time.

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