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Component Analysis


The Tyndall Microsystems Packaging Laboratory offers a comprehensive range of capabilities to support detailed component analysis work along with the packaging and assembly of microelectronics and microsystems components. The packaging operation supports the research work of Tyndall’s advanced research groups along with supporting the prototyping needs of Tyndall’s external client base including both industry users, project partners and the European Space Agency (ESA).


Nordson Dage Diamond  XD7600NT X-ray Imaging System
Nordson Dage Diamond  XD7600NT X-ray Imaging system which has recently been installed in the Tyndall packaging & component analysis laboratory. The system gives high resolution radiographic images and is also equipped with a CT-scan capability for the 3D imaging of complex structures.


  • Stereoscopic microscopes (equipped with digital cameras).
  • Keyence VHX2000 3-Dimensional Optical Imaging System.
  • High magnification metallurgical microscope (equipped with digital cameras).
  • Nordson Dage Diamond II XD7600 NT X-Ray Imaging System with µCT-Scan capability.
  • Sonoscan D9600 Scanning Acoustic Microscope (SAM) equipped with a range of transducers (operating frequencies from 15MHz to 180MHz).
  • PTI Particle Impact Noise Detection (PIND) test system.
  • Trio Tech 481 series perfluorocarbon gross leak test system.
  • Veeco MS18AB semi-automatic helium fine leak test system.
  • Chemical & mechanical package decap.
  • Microsectioning facilities (moulding, cutting, grinding & polishing to a 1µm finish).
  • Solder baths (several available).
  • Multicore MUST II solder wetting balance test system.
  • Royce mechanical testers equipped with 20g & 50g wire bond pull cartridges and 20Kg component / die shear cartridge.
  • Instron 5560 tensile and compressive mechanical test system equipped with 10N, 50N, 500N and 1,000N load cells.


Cobham Isolator Component
Radiographic (left) and CT (right) images of Cobham Isolator component produced using the Tyndall Nordson Dage Diamond X-ray Imaging system.


Keyence VHX2000 3D Optical Imaging System
Keyence VHX2000 3D Optical Imaging System which is located in the packaging and component analysis laboratory at Tyndall. This system overcomes the depth-of-focus limitations with traditional optical microscopes by taking many images at different focal points and combining them into one fully-focussed image.


These facilities are extensively used in the quality and workmanship analysis of a wide variety components including: Hybrid Microcircuits, Component Packages, Solder Joints, Printed Circuit Boards, Multi-Chip Modules, Capacitors, Resistors, Electromechanical Components & Optoelectronics Components.


Examples of images produced using the Tyndall Keyence VHX2000 3D Optical Imaging System during recent space component analysis tasks.
Examples of images produced using the Tyndall Keyence VHX2000 3D Optical Imaging System during recent space component analysis tasks.










Other work which is routinely carried out in this laboratory includes the analysis of materials (e.g. alloy microstructures, plating layer thickness, intermetallics, filler particle size, etc.). The facilities are also applicable to the physical analysis of emerging technologies (e.g. MEMs & New Micro-Nano technologies) in line with requirements of space industry workmanship standards.











Tyndall’s Sonoscan D9000 Scanning Acoustic Microscopy system
Tyndall’s Sonoscan D9000 Scanning Acoustic Microscopy system








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