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Ireland's 2030 Heat Pump Targets & Policy Solutions

Drawing on the review of policies of countries which have led the way in heat pump implementation, and other scientific and academic literature, it was found that progress in the heat pump market is very mixed. Countries like France, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany are examples of fully developed markets while countries like UK, Netherlands, Belgium, and Poland are still developing.

In a recent report by the European Heat Pump Association published in 2019, heat pumps are heating approximately 10% of all buildings in EU, showing there is still ample room in the market. EHPA market report survey doesn’t take account of heat pump applications so data specific to residential building is not available. 

As heat pumps have the potential to significantly decarbonise the residential heating sector and also have significant demand-side flexibility potential, heat pumps will be required as part of the energy transition to achieve the EU’s ambition of a carbon neutral economy by 2050. In terms of key learnings from other leading countries, the International Energy Research Centre (IERC) at Tyndall suggests recommendations and policy solutions for Ireland to achieve its 2030 heat pump implementation target.

A detailed elaboration of these recommendations is provided in the Executive Summary and throughout the report.