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BOC Gases Postgraduate Bursary Award 2022 Winner Arbresha Muriqi

Posted on: 29 Mar 2023

BOC Gases Postgraduate Bursary Award 2022 Winner Arbresha Muriqi

The 2022 BOC Postgraduate Bursary award was presented to winning PhD student Arbresha Muriqi by Tommy Moore, BOC Gases and Dr Michael Nolan, Head of Materials Modelling for Devices at Tyndall. BOC Gases is the largest supplier of industrial gases, speciality gases and gas equipment in Ireland, and the BOC Postgraduate Bursary is presented annually to outstanding Tyndall students.

Arbresha Muriqi received the award for her research on 'Multi-scale simulations of hybrid inorganic-organic films'. Arbresha's research focuses on hybrid inorganic-organic materials, a special class of materials due to their diphasic and tunable inorganic-organic structure, fabricated using the Molecular Layer Deposition (MLD) technique. These materials have become increasingly popular as the demands on materials for the miniaturization of electronic devices, the discovery of new materials for different layers in nanoelectronic devices and on-device power storage have all dramatically increased. Arbresha's research allows us to better understand the atomistic mechanism of MLD film growth.

All Tyndall Masters and PhD students, supervised by Tyndall staff or Tyndall academic members, whose research involves the institute and is beyond their first year of study, are eligible to apply.  Applications for the annual BOC Gases Bursary are awarded on the basis of research accomplishments and promise for the future.

Congratulations to Arbresha Muriqi!