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Culture Night at Tyndall

Posted on: 01 Sep 2016

Culture Night at Tyndall

Explore science and technology in our hands-on “hacker” style workshop learn how to design and make your own electronics.

Register for our Hands-On Prototyping workshop in Tyndall National Institute on Friday September 16th at 5pm and again at 6pm.    
Our workshops are inspired by the Maker movement, a growing worldwide community of hobbyists, students and enthusiasts who take a creative, DIY approach to technology, science and engineering.

We will run two workshops on Culture Night and each workshop lasts 45 minutes. Spaces are limited so book your place.These sessions are aimed at adults, after all, growing up does not mean that you stop trying new things.

Join us and try your hand and making something new.

We hope to give you practical experience of STEM areas and the opportunity to become confident inventors, experimenters and creators.

Follow the link to register. Places will fill up fast!