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For Diversity Day 2019, we discuss the importance of diversity in today's organisations with Tyndall EDI Champion - Bernadette Guiney

Posted on: 28 Nov 2019

For Diversity Day 2019, we discuss the importance of diversity in today's organisations with Tyndall EDI Champion - Bernadette Guiney
Bernadette Guiney, Tyndall EDI Champion
  1. What inspired you to pursue the role of EDI (Equality, Diversity Inclusion) Champion?

Fairness is something I hold dear in my heart, whether it’s in the workplace or in sport. I always feel strongly that everyone should be treated equal without favouritism, discrimination or bias. When the opportunity arose to become EDI champion I embraced it as I felt it was an avenue for me to promote equality, reduce discrimination, act as an advocate for ethnic minority groups, the LGBTQ+ community, and those affected by inequality due to age or disability. Also, it provided an opportunity to raise awareness of equality issues and promote change.


  1. Describe yourself in 4 words?

Conscientious, sporty, friendly, determined


  1. What does diversity mean to you?

Diversity has many meanings but in brief I feel, diversity is the one thing we all have in common, so we should celebrate it every day. Strength lies in differences not similarities. I consider diversity to be accepting and inclusive of everyone regardless of our differences.


  1. Why is diversity important in a research centre like Tyndall?

Tyndall is home to over 600 staff and students from 50 countries, creating an engaging, multi-cultural and diverse working environment. Better decisions are made as a result of a variety of perspectives, there’s increased innovation, which is key as innovation and research go hand and hand. Creativity is increased which is imperative in a research centre. Also, research has shown that organisations that embrace diversity achieve greater employee engagement, improved reputation and organisational performance.


  1. Why should we all embrace Diversity?

Everyone should embrace diversity as each one of us can make a difference. Our success as an organisation is enhanced by the diversity amongst our people, our research and our stakeholders. In addition, an awareness of diversity helps us to recognise and respect other cultures and customs.


  1. What are Tyndall’s plans for promoting diversity?

Today, Thursday, November 28th Tyndall is hosting our cultural diversity day. Over 30 countries will showcase their cultures, traditions and customs that are representative of their national day. Taking into consideration feedback from the 2018 people and culture survey, we are currently devising an exciting calendar of events for 2020…………….watch this space.