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More than Moore White Paper released by the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems

Posted on: 10 Sep 2020

More than Moore White Paper released by the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems
Moore's Law: Chip on a Board

A new white paper centred around More than Moore has been released by the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS). Tyndall researchers Dr. Alan O Riordan, Dr. Giorgos Fagas, Dr. Brendan O’Flynn, Dr. James Rohan, Dr. Paul Galvin and Dr. Cian Ó Mathúna contributed. 

The publication offers a longer-term outlook for researchers to study solutions for difficult problems while examining a range of options in the short term. Highly regarded as an authoritative source by both the research community and industry innovators, IRDS gathers inputs from a large international team of experts.

The purpose of the IRDS is to identify technical challenges that need to be addressed to ensure microelectronics remains a driver for innovation across a wide range of applications. The white paper establishes a new chapter in the IRDS, reflecting the critical shift that has taken place in microelectronics innovation. Whereas previously the industry has been primarily technology driven thanks to Moore’s law, it is now increasingly driven by application requirements. Rather than a focus on chips and a one size fits all scenario, the new approach centres around ‘systems’ and the production of devices that are agile and fit for use in a variety of different applications. This is the era of ‘More than Moore’ and the white paper covers the areas of Smart Sensors, Smart Energy, Energy Harvesting, and Wearable, Flexible and Printed Electronics.

More than Moore technology
Figure MtM-3 Advanced nanosensor modified with nano-copper designed for monitoring of agricultural nitrate run off

These technology/application areas are representative of the More than Moore domain in the sense that they require multifunctional heterogeneous system solutions, rather than miniaturization of devices only. The paper demonstrates this transition and the need to bring different fields of expertise together to build a system through a highly multidisciplinary and collaborative R&D environment. 

The IRDS 2020 edition is freely available. You can download various reports of the ‘International Focus Teams' and the More than Moore White Paper here.