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Postgraduate Research Publication of the Year

Posted on: 30 Jan 2019

Postgraduate Research Publication of the Year

Congratulations to Vuslat Buk who won the Tyndall Postgraduate Research Publication of the Year for her paper entitled “Fabrication and evaluation of a carbon quantum dot/gold nanoparticle nanohybrid material integrated onto planar micro gold electrodes for potential bioelectrochemical sensing applications”.

Dr Frank Smyth, CEO, Pilot Photonics, presenting Vuslat Buk with her award for Postgraduate Research Publication of the Year.

Vuslat’s paper demonstrates the operation of an electrochemical biosensor which was constructed by attaching a combination of gold nanoparticles and carbon quantum dots to an electrode surface, where this hybrid nanomaterial was able to act as a very efficient electrochemical support material onto which various chemical receptors could be adsorbed.  In particular, the enzyme glucose oxidase was immobilised at the electrode surface such that the electrode then demonstrated very high sensitivity towards the detection of glucose itself.


Although there are many types of glucose sensor available at the present time, Vuslat describes the first use of a hybrid nanomaterial for this application and shows that enhanced sensitivity is achieved in comparison with other available sensors while also showing very robust responses in the face of various potential interfering species.


The paper also describes how the hybrid nanomaterial was formed and how the electrodes were fabricated – using standard semiconductor fabrication methods. Finally, the biosensor was demonstrated to be very effective in terms of real-world applications via the detection of glucose in sterile human serum samples.


Vuslat graduated as a chemist from Ankara University, Turkey where she also received her M.Sc. in nanobioelectrochemistry. At the moment she is a final year PhD student in Life Science Interface at Tyndall and UCC’s Department of Chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Martyn Pemble. Vuslat was presented with her award by Dr Frank Smyth, CEO, Pilot Photonics, who are the award sponsors.

Her winning paper was co-authored by Martyn Pemble and Karen Twomey, and published at Electrochimica Acta 293, pp 307-317, 10 January 2019 (accepted 7 October 2018, available online 9 October 2018)

Fatima Gunning, Interim Head of Graduate Studies, Tyndall and Dr Frank Smyth, CEO, Pilot Photonics, with the award winner Vuslat Buk and runners up, Niamh Kavanagh, Ludovic Caro and Marcelo Saito Nogueira. 

Congratulations also to the runners up:

The winner and runners up are now nominated for the UCC Science, Engineering and Food Science Postgraduate Research Publication of the Year award.