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Strong representation for Tyndall at the UCC Research Awards 2021

Posted on: 02 Jun 2022

Strong representation for Tyndall at the UCC Research Awards 2021
Dr Vuslat Juska

We are very pleased that so many of our researchers and professional support staff are recognised for their excellent work at the UCC Research Awards 2021. It is a worthy reflection of Tyndall’s vibrant and innovative research community of over 600 staff and students.

VPRI Award for Interdisciplinary Research 

Dr Daniela Iacopino and Prof Padraig O’Machain (from the Department of Modern Irish in UCC) received this award for their IRC Laureate project ‘Inks&skins’.

The project investigates the ink and vellum-parchment in Gaelic manuscripts from the late medieval period (1200-1600), involving the use of spectroscopic methodologies to prove the inks, pigments and writing surface of the manuscripts. 

An infrared false-colour image (IRFC) captures the different inks used in the Irish manuscript the Book of Uí Mhaine (A.D. 1394). Image by Veronica Biolcati

Research Image Award 2021

Dr Vuslat Juska’s stunning image ‘NanoForest’ captured the attention of the judging panel. It is a coloured Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) image of a micro engineered interface, based on silicon micro technologies and electrochemistry. 

The particular example shown in the image is being developed to monitor cattle health by merging 6-individual-biosensors on a single chip. Each biosensor on a chip targets a specific biomarker available in milk, in order to determine the health condition after calving. 

Research Support Person of the Year 2021

Dr Louise Burgoyne received this accolade for her role as EU Programmes Manager where she makes significant contributions which positively impact on the objectives of the EU Team, Tyndall and UCC.  
In 2020, Louise supported Tyndall researchers in multi-partner EU proposals with significant successes in the EIC-Pathfinder, a highly competitive EU programme that funds game-changing ideas. Her work delivered two wins with a total project value of €6.6M. Louise continuously strives to nurture early career researcher ambitions and to provide high-quality support for individual research grants. 

Innovator of the Year 2021

Dr Frank Peters was the recipient of this award for his sustained impact in innovation. In 2021, UCC Innovation licensed 8 different technologies developed by Frank to Rockley Photonics. It is primarily because of Franks innovative work that Rockley set up a base here in Cork that continues to grow. This relationship was recognised with a KTI 2021 award. Frank is a loyal supporter of young researchers and for women in science. 

Licence Team of the Year 2021

Anthony Morrissey (UCC Innovation), David McGovern and Ray Burke (IPIC) received this award for licensing of a 3-Dimensional ElectroMagnetic (EM) Surgical Navigation system for tumour surgery. 

This technology is targeted at improving surgical navigation during tumour and other surgery, helping surgeon-user experience and ultimately targeting better patient outcomes. This was developed with the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) – a top 10 cancer centre in the world.

Best publication of the Year involving an Undegraduate student as an author 2021

Thomas P. Sheerin, who completed his BSc in Physics and Mathematical Sciences in UCC in 2020, received recognition for this publication. In his work, Thomas established a theoretical atomistic model that enbaled insight into the potential benefit of zinc-blende indium gallium nitride materials and alloys for optoelectronic device applications.

Overall, his developed theoretical framework present an ideal starting pointing for targeting the question, if devices using such materials can close the efficiency gap in the green spectral region. The work was a direct result of IPIC summer projects carried out in 2018 and 2019, under the supervision of Dr. Stefan Schulz.