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World Quantum Day 2021

Posted on: 14 Apr 2021

World Quantum Day 2021


Today, at Tyndall National Institute, we are delighted join a group of quantum scientists from over 60 countries, in all continents, to launch World Quantum Day.

From using GPS to relying on precision atomic clocks, we already have quantum technology in our everyday lives.  Our Quantum researchers are inviting you to discover more about the reality and realisations of quantum at our virtual event. You will have the opportunity to learn about the future of quantum science, witness a quantum experiment and explore inside one of our quantum laboratories.

You can access the virtual event here.

World Quantum Day aims to promote the public understanding of Quantum Science and Technology around the World.

  • Emanuele Pelucchi will give an introduction to quantum science;
  • Felipe Murphy-Armando will explain what is enabled by quantum science and what quantum engineering might do for us;
  • Giorgos Fagas will give an insight to quantum computer engineering at Tyndall;
  • Visit a quantum lab at Tyndall with Gediminas Juska and see a quantum mechanics experiment;
  • Panel Q&A moderated by Alida Zauers.