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World Record-Breaking Optical Power Developed at Tyndall National Institute

Posted on: 12 Jan 2023

World Record-Breaking Optical Power Developed at Tyndall National Institute

iSLight, a spin-out company from Tyndall, has developed ground-breaking speckle free, surface-emitting blue SLEDs (high power blue superluminescent LEDs).

This newly developed technology has world record-breaking peak optical power, with extremely high-resolution beam quality. This is significant, as it offers advanced solutions for numerous applications including:

  • Machine inspection instruments
  • Direct imaging lithography
  • VR/AR headsets
  • Projection displays
  • Microscopy imaging systems
  • Lighting systems
  • 3D printing

iSLight provides speckle-free sources with more compact and lower production cost than commercial lasers maintaining similar power density and efficiency. This cutting-edge technology increases the definition and quality of projected light images, with high efficiency. While the iSLight SLEDS are currently blue (400-450nm), it can also scale to other wavelengths (green, red, infrared). 

iSLight uses a patented design in photonic devices to engineer SLEDs with:

  • Scalable and high optical power
  • Wader scale process (low production cost)
  • Compact modules
  • Ultrashort light pulses

The iSLight team will be attending the world’s largest photonics technologies event, SPIE Photonics West, in San Francisco from Tuesday 31 January to Thursday 2 February at Booth 4645. 

The team will be there to demonstrate and discuss this pioneering technology. Be sure to visit the team or get in touch in advance to arrange a meeting.