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Reliability Testing


The original environmental test facilities at Tyndall were established to provide testing for the European Space Agency, and can carry out testing to rigorous space standards. In recent years, a number of additional investments have helped to enhance the facility and have broadened the range of equipment so that a comprehensive suite of services can be offered. All of the principal test chambers can be automatically controlled from a central computer and biasing / monitoring of the devices under test can be carried out. The principal test facilities include:

  • Air-to-air Thermal Shock Testing
  • Temperature Cycling
  • Temperature / Humidity Testing
  • Burn-in Testing
  • High & Low Temperature Storage Tests
  • Vibration Testing (Swept Sinusoidal & Random Frequency).
  • Mechanical Shock Testing
  • Drop / Shock Testing
  • Salt Spray Testing
  • High temperature / vacuum storage
  • Conditioning ovens.

The facilities in the reliability test laboratory are available to validate components and investigate the suitability of new technologies for possible use in space applications.  The laboratory is managed by an experienced full-time engineer who has built up expertise in the definition of stress test programmes and the analysis of reliability test data.


Temperature / Humidity Testing
Temperature / Humidity Testing


Air-to-Air Thermal Shock Testing
Air-to-Air Thermal Shock Testing
Vibration Testing
Vibration Testing












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