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Enhanced UV luminescence from InAlN quantum well structures using two temperature growth Peer-reviewed journal article
High aspect ratio nano-fabrication of photonic crystal structures on glass wafers using chrome as hard mask Peer-reviewed journal article
A Cardiovascular Occlusion Method based on the use of a Smart Hydrogel Peer-reviewed journal article
Self-consistent Green's function method for dilute nitride conduction band structure Peer-reviewed journal article
Energy storage: Battery materials and architectures at the nanoscale Book,Chapter or Volume
Electroanalysis at the Nanoscale Peer-reviewed journal article
Low-cost silver capped polystyrene nanotubes arrays as super-hydrophobic substrates for SERS applications Peer-reviewed journal article
Carboxyl functionalised MWCNT/polymethyl methacrylate bone cement for orthopaedic applications Peer-reviewed journal article
High aspect ratio iridescent three dimensional metal insulator metal capacitors using atomic layer deposition Peer-reviewed journal article
SOAs for Phase-Based Optical Signal Processing Conference talk
Modelling patterned substrate growth by MOVPE: from equilibrium to transient dynamics Conference talk
Structural Characterization and in-vivo Reliability Evaluation of Silicon Microneedles Peer-reviewed journal article
Hydrogel-forming and dissolving microneedles for enhanced delivery of photosensitisers and precursors Peer-reviewed journal article
Investigation of Bipolar Dielectric Charging in RF MEMS Capacitive Switches Conference talk
MEMS Technology for SPACE applications at Tyndall National Institute Conference talk
Immunogenicity of Adjuvanted Vaccines in ImmuPatch Dissolvable Microneedle Patches in Mice Conference poster
Immunogenicity and Stability of Trivalent Inactivated Influenza Virus Vaccine in ImmuPatch Dissolvable Microneedles Conference poster
A New Figure of Merit for Microneedle Reliability Conference poster
Assessment of the physical stability of trehalose-based ImmuPatch dissolvable microneedles in an ambient temperature and humidity environment Conference poster
Microneedle sensor for voltammetric drug detection in physiological fluids Conference poster
Microneedle-based Dry Electrodes for ECG and Respiration Rate Monitoring Conference poster
Smart Energy Management and Conversion Book,Chapter or Volume
Carbon Nanotube Composites for Electronic Interconnect Applications Book,Chapter or Volume
CCAN Nanoelectronic Interconnects for future electronic devices Conference poster
Nanotemplated electrochemical energy materials Conference poster
Characterisation of the electroless nickel deposit as a barrier layer /under bump metallurgy on IC metallisation Peer-reviewed journal article
Molecular scale first row transition metal oxide cluster-surface modified titanium(IV) oxide as solar environmental catalyst Peer-reviewed journal article
Reversible Integration of Microfluidic Devices with Microelectrode Arrays for Neurobiological Applications Peer-reviewed journal article
Coherence and Incoherence in an Optical Comb Peer-reviewed journal article
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