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Practical and Cost-Effective High Fidelity Optical Carrier Dissemination Using Coherent Communication Techniques Peer-reviewed journal article
Interplay between electrical and mechanical domains in a high performance nonlinear energy harvester Peer-reviewed journal article
Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting and Applications Conference talk
Nerve localization techniques for peripheral nerve block and possible future directions Peer-reviewed journal article
From a Shaky Materials idea to an industrial product development platform: A Piezo-MEMS Story Conference talk
Broadening the Bandwidth of Piezoelectric Energy Harvester using Liquid filled Mass Conference talk
A Novel Scheme For Two-Level Stabilization of Semiconductor Mode-Locked Lasers Using Simultaneous Optical Injection and Optical Feedback Peer-reviewed journal article
Advanced Processing for High Efficiency Inductors for 2.5D/3D Power Supply in Package Conference poster
Advances in Planar Coil Processing for Improved Micro-Inductor Performance Peer-reviewed journal article
Role of the Head- and/or Tail Groups of Adsorbed –[X(head-group)]–Alkyl–[X(tail-group)] (X = O(H), NH(2), S(H)) Chains on Controlling the Workfunction of Functionalized H:Si(111) Surface Peer-reviewed journal article
Indium segregation during III-V quantum wire and quantum dot formation on patterned substrates Peer-reviewed journal article
A capacitive based piezoelectric AlN film quality test structure Conference talk
Semiconductor Quantum Well Lasers With a Temperature-Insensitive Threshold Current Peer-reviewed journal article
A tunable microwave slot antenna based on graphene Peer-reviewed journal article
Properties of In-N codoped p-type ZnO nanorods grown through a two-step chemical route Peer-reviewed journal article
Precursor Adsorption on Copper Surfaces as the First Step During the Deposition of Copper: A Density Functional Study with van der Waals Correction Peer-reviewed journal article
Cooperation between adsorbates accounts for the activation of atomic layer deposition reactions Peer-reviewed journal article
Quantum Chemical Study of the Effect of Precursor Stereochemistry on Dissociative Chemisorption and Surface Redox Reactions During the Atomic Layer Deposition of the Transition Metal Copper Peer-reviewed journal article
Reductive Elimination of Hypersilyl Halides from Zinc(II) Complexes. Implications for Electropositive Metal Thin Film Growth Peer-reviewed journal article
First-principles investigation of C-H bond scission and formation reactions in ethane, ethene and ethyne adsorbed on Ru(0001) Peer-reviewed journal article
Copper reduction and atomic layer deposition by oxidative decomposition of formate by hydrazine Peer-reviewed journal article
The Effect of Reaction Mechanism on Precursor Exposure Time in Atomic Layer Deposition of Silicon Oxide and Silicon Nitride Peer-reviewed journal article
Decomposition of metal alkylamides, alkyls and halides at reducible oxide surfaces: mechanism of 'clean-up' during atomic layer deposition of dielectrics onto III-V substrates Peer-reviewed journal article
Studying chemical vapor deposition processes with theoretical chemistry Peer-reviewed journal article
Copper(I) carbene hydride complexes acting both as reducing agent and precursor for Cu ALD: a study through density functional theory Peer-reviewed journal article
Modeling of precursors for atomic layer deposition of magnesium and calcium oxides Peer-reviewed journal article
Design of visible light activated TiO2 photocatalysts from first principles simulations Conference poster
heory driven design of MnOx-modified TiO2 for solar driven CO2 activation Conference talk
Methane activation on ceria surfaces modified with metal nanoparticles Conference poster
Enhanced oxygen vacancy formation in cation doped bulk Cr2O3 Conference talk
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