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Al4SiC4 wurtzite crystal: Structural, optoelectronic, elastic, and piezoelectric properties Peer-reviewed journal article
Practical and Cost-Effective High Fidelity Optical Carrier Dissemination Using Coherent Communication Techniques Peer-reviewed journal article
Interplay between electrical and mechanical domains in a high performance nonlinear energy harvester Peer-reviewed journal article
Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting and Applications Conference talk
Nerve localization techniques for peripheral nerve block and possible future directions Peer-reviewed journal article
From a Shaky Materials idea to an industrial product development platform: A Piezo-MEMS Story Conference talk
Broadening the Bandwidth of Piezoelectric Energy Harvester using Liquid filled Mass Conference talk
A Novel Scheme For Two-Level Stabilization of Semiconductor Mode-Locked Lasers Using Simultaneous Optical Injection and Optical Feedback Peer-reviewed journal article
Advanced Processing for High Efficiency Inductors for 2.5D/3D Power Supply in Package Conference poster
Advances in Planar Coil Processing for Improved Micro-Inductor Performance Peer-reviewed journal article
Role of the Head- and/or Tail Groups of Adsorbed –[X(head-group)]–Alkyl–[X(tail-group)] (X = O(H), NH(2), S(H)) Chains on Controlling the Workfunction of Functionalized H:Si(111) Surface Peer-reviewed journal article
Indium segregation during III-V quantum wire and quantum dot formation on patterned substrates Peer-reviewed journal article
A capacitive based piezoelectric AlN film quality test structure Conference talk
Semiconductor Quantum Well Lasers With a Temperature-Insensitive Threshold Current Peer-reviewed journal article
A tunable microwave slot antenna based on graphene Peer-reviewed journal article
Properties of In-N codoped p-type ZnO nanorods grown through a two-step chemical route Peer-reviewed journal article
Precursor Adsorption on Copper Surfaces as the First Step During the Deposition of Copper: A Density Functional Study with van der Waals Correction Peer-reviewed journal article
Cooperation between adsorbates accounts for the activation of atomic layer deposition reactions Peer-reviewed journal article
Quantum Chemical Study of the Effect of Precursor Stereochemistry on Dissociative Chemisorption and Surface Redox Reactions During the Atomic Layer Deposition of the Transition Metal Copper Peer-reviewed journal article
Reductive Elimination of Hypersilyl Halides from Zinc(II) Complexes. Implications for Electropositive Metal Thin Film Growth Peer-reviewed journal article
First-principles investigation of C-H bond scission and formation reactions in ethane, ethene and ethyne adsorbed on Ru(0001) Peer-reviewed journal article
Copper reduction and atomic layer deposition by oxidative decomposition of formate by hydrazine Peer-reviewed journal article
The Effect of Reaction Mechanism on Precursor Exposure Time in Atomic Layer Deposition of Silicon Oxide and Silicon Nitride Peer-reviewed journal article
Decomposition of metal alkylamides, alkyls and halides at reducible oxide surfaces: mechanism of 'clean-up' during atomic layer deposition of dielectrics onto III-V substrates Peer-reviewed journal article
Studying chemical vapor deposition processes with theoretical chemistry Peer-reviewed journal article
Copper(I) carbene hydride complexes acting both as reducing agent and precursor for Cu ALD: a study through density functional theory Peer-reviewed journal article
Modeling of precursors for atomic layer deposition of magnesium and calcium oxides Peer-reviewed journal article
Design of visible light activated TiO2 photocatalysts from first principles simulations Conference poster
heory driven design of MnOx-modified TiO2 for solar driven CO2 activation Conference talk
Methane activation on ceria surfaces modified with metal nanoparticles Conference poster
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