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Tetrodotoxin: Chemistry, Toxicity, Source, Distribution and Detection Peer-reviewed journal article
Demonstration of amplified data transmission at 2 μm m in a low-loss wide bandwidth hollow core photonic bandgap fiber Peer-reviewed journal article
WDM Transmission at 2μm over Low-Loss Hollow Core Photonic Bandgap Fiber Conference talk
Expressions for the nonlinear transmission performance of multi-mode optical fiber Peer-reviewed journal article
Four-wave mixing for clock recovery of phase modulated optical OFDM superchannel Peer-reviewed journal article
Simultaneous Dual Channel Phase Regeneration in SOAs Conference talk
Clock Recovery of Phase Modulated Optical OFDM Superchannel Conference talk
Correlating Cumulative Movement and Barthel Index in Acute Elderly Care Book,Chapter or Volume
A Simple Electrical Test Method to Isolate Viscoelasticity and Creep in Capacitive Microelectromechanical Switches Peer-reviewed journal article
Shell@core coaxial NiO@Ni nanowire arrays as high performance enzymeless glucose sensor Peer-reviewed journal article
Au nanorod plasmonic superstructures obtained by a combined droplet evaporation and stamping method Peer-reviewed journal article
Using spectral analysis and fluorescence lifetimes to discriminate between grass and tree pollen for aerobiological applications Peer-reviewed journal article
Gold Nanowire Electrode Arrays: Investigations of non-Faradaic Behavior Peer-reviewed journal article
Electrodeposition of Alloyed p-and n-type Bi2Te3 Nanowires Conference talk
Electroanalysis at Ultramicro and Nanoscale Electrodes: A Comparative Study Peer-reviewed journal article
Influence of Au thickness and anneal temperature for Ti/Al/Ni/Au Ohmic contacts on InAlN/GaN HEMTs Conference poster
FIB Patterning of Stainless Steel for the Development of Nanostructured Stent Surfaces for Cardiovascular Applications Book,Chapter or Volume
20 × 960-Gb/s Space-division-multiplexed 32QAM transmission over 60 km few-mode fibe Peer-reviewed journal article
Fermi level de-pinning of aluminium contacts to n-type germanium using thin atomic layer deposited layers Peer-reviewed journal article
Energy storage: Battery materials and architectures at the nanoscale Book,Chapter or Volume
Incoherent optical triggering of excitable pulses in an injection-locked semiconductor laser Peer-reviewed journal article
Semiconductor material engineering for optical devices Conference talk
Unusual nanostructures of “lattice matched” InP on AlInAs Peer-reviewed journal article
Energy storage battery materials and architectures at the nanoscale Book,Chapter or Volume
3D Silicon Nanostructures for Biosensing Applications: Functionalized 3D 7x20-array, Vertically Stacked SiNW FET for Streptavidin Sensing Conference talk
Electrical Characterization of High Performance, Liquid Gated Vertically Stacked SiNW-Based 3D FET for Biosensing Applications Peer-reviewed journal article
Fully CMOS-compatible top-down fabrication of sub-50 nm silicon nanowire sensing devices Peer-reviewed journal article
Semiconductor Nanowire Arrays: Electron Beam Lithography and Surface Chemistry Conference poster
Fabrication and Functionalisation of Silicon Nanowire Arrays for Chemical Sensing Applications Conference poster
Synthesis of Silicon Nanowires by Metal Assisted Etching for Photovoltaic Applications Conference poster
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