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EU Programmes

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Transforming Research to Innovation with Impact

Our objective at the EU Programmes Office in Tyndall is to enhance our EU collaborative research across the whole innovation chain, thereby achieving industry growth and benefits for the society at large. 

EU Research Investment
Tyndall, as a research and technology organization, has taken a proactive role to double Europe’s research investment in Ireland and to work with technology adopters to bridge the so-called valley of death.

Our extensive network builds on partnerships with over 400 organisations to deliver value across several European programmes including Horizon 2020, Public-Private-Partnerships and the European Regional Development Fund. Since the launch of Horizon 2020 in 2014, Tyndall participates in 26 projects with total value of ca. €150m out of which the European Commission contributes 70%. The rest is largely matched by the industrial partners. 

The investment in Tyndall activities within the projects is valued at €12.8m. An additional €13m funding to our Irish partners, incl. €9 to industry (translating to over 40 jobs p.a.), is also proof of Tyndall’s active role as a research and technology organization in doubling Europe’s research investment in Ireland and in working with technology adopters to bridge the so-called valley of death.

ASCENT (Access to European Nanoelectronics Network)
Tyndall, as coordinator, CEA-Leti (FR) and imec (BL), leading European nanoelectronics institutes, have entered into a collaborative open-access project called ASCENT (Access to European Nanoelectronics Network), to mobilise European research capabilities like never before and build a collaborative nanoelectronics community.

In 2015, three major projects were launched that link new scientific knowledge with application-driven research to create high-impact innovations.



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