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Contract Research


Tyndall has over 460 researchers, engineers and support staff, with a cohort of 120 full-time graduate students including over 50 internationally renowned principal investigators. This extensive resource and expertise is available to work on specific industry projects through a contract research model. In this model Tyndall researchers are contracted to work on finding solutions to the specific industry defined problem. The resulting intellectual property is typically exclusively licensed to the industry partner for use in their field of use.

The types of problem that Tyndall can address and the working models available are flexible and open to discussion. The following are examples of industry scenarios where Tyndall researchers can have an impact.

Research Technology Roadblocks

Are there technology roadblocks on the horizon that threaten future product development and company growth? Tyndall researchers can assess your roadblocks, evaluate potential technology solutions and if necessary propose and conduct research and development programs to tackle those roadblocks. The invention of the Junctionless Transistor at Tyndall is an example of research dedicated to solving the semiconductor industry’s roadblock to extend Moore’s Law beyond the 10nm technology node. 


New Product Research and Development

Are there unsatisfied market needs for new products in your portfolio that need proof of concept or feasibility evaluation? Tyndall researchers can work with you to define feasibility projects and if appropriate full scale research and development projects to deliver innovative solutions to your customers.   


Product Enhancement and Lifetime Extension

Are there short term product enhancements or lifetime extensions that could open new revenue streams? Delivering new or enhanced product performance in response to market driven needs often leads to substantial opportunity and upside revenue generation but can be disruptive to core research and development strategies. Tyndall researchers can work with you to research and demonstrate solutions to market driven needs.   


Fabrication and Service Capabilities

Are there critical fabrication, integration, packaging or test requirements that limit your flexibility to deliver new innovation to your customers in a timely manner? Tyndall's extensive facilities can be accessed to support your internal research and development programs.  

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