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EUROPRACTICE provides academia and industry with a platform to develop and package smart integrated systems, ranging from advanced prototype design to volume production.
A consortium of five renowned European research organisations; CMP, Fraunhofer IIS, IMEC, Tyndall Institute, and UKRI. Europractice partners cooperate to ensure IC prototyping services are made available to the European Union’s technology community, to Eastern Europe and further afield to the Middle-East, Africa, and Russia.

The key services offered through Europractice are;
1.    MPW runs for ICs and PICs;                 
2.    CAD tools for academia;               
3.    Smart system integration and advanced packaging;    
4.    Training and workshops.     




Tyndall, a EUROPRACTICE partner, joined the consortium in January 2019, and is responsible for leading the programme’s smart system integration and advanced packaging techniques especially the advanced photonics packaging and integrated photonics packaging services.



To find out more about EUROPRACTICE services please visit our service’s website here.
For more detailed information on the CAD tools, please visit here.


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If you’re a member of the technology community and would like to connect with Tyndall’s photonics packaging project lead Ramsey Selim - say hello on LinkedIn.


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