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Leader in Integrated ICT Hardware & Systems

Funding Mechanisms

Tyndall WSN are happy to discuss your innovative idea with you and there are many ways of engaging with us.

Academic Collaborators

Tyndall WSN are always interested in expanding our research collaborators, both national and international. With international academics, we can collaborate through the EU H2020 programme and Tyndall have vast experience and success in this highly competitive sphere. There are also opportunities via the US-Ireland R&D Partnership Programme.

For Irish Collaborators, as well as those above, there are further opportunities to work together via SFI Centres e.g CONNECT/IPIC,or an Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund application.

Industry Collaborators

Tyndall Business Development have a number of pages devoted to how Industry, large and small, can engage with Tyndall but a short summary will be given here.

Tyndall WSN has an outstanding record of technology transfer and licensing to Industry. A list of these technologies can be found here.

Case studies of some of the Industrial applied projects the team have worked on where significant prototypes/demonstrators were developed for industrial partners can be seen here.

Contact enquiry (at) tyndall (dot) ie for all Business Development enquiries

Core Team